Friday, May 14, 2010

not quite loco for local

god did not gift me a set of itchy balls cuz if he did, i would have had the balls to send back some sub par eats when i was grubbing at local in silverlake a few nights ago. MAN i admire people who could do that...or perhaps i admire people who don't mind getting spit in their food after they do that. whatcha think?

so my evening started off like any other evening when my hunger pangs pang it up and i open my fridge only to realize that it's empty once again. this usually prompts an emergency call to my eating buds and luckily, i found one that had an equally pathetic fridge. i quickly suggested local since it's errr...local to me.

the service there was lackluster at best that night, but i had walked there and didn't want to turn around and walk home while my belly grumbled. hoping for the best, both my friend and i plopped our butts down and promptly ordered enough food to feed two fat people.

we started off with a promising wilted baby russian kale salad with poached pears, goat cheese, in a creamy vinaigrette ($9). i really enjoyed this salad because poached pears and goat cheese makes a delicious combi. besides, it gave me a good helping of fruit for the day. i would order this again.

then our entrees came. i ordered the roasted leg of lamb on an almond, currant, wheatberry salad with pickled carrots and fennel ($16). oh HELL NO. this poor lamb wasn't just dead, it was overcooked! the lamb leg was one day away from becoming lamb jerky and the sourness from the surrounding veggies was just plain odd. in what universe did these taste profiles work?! i took a few bites and abondoned ship. i was so disappointed.

i thought i could just munch off my friend's entree, the sea bass with snap peas, fennel, grape tomatoes, greens, topped with some toasted almond yogurt ($16). holy shit, that fish was OVERCOOKED TOOOOOOOO! dry, jerky-like fish is soooooo effin' wrong. i wished we had gone to mcdonald's instead. i'm sure their fish filet sammich wouldn't have been THIS dry!

the only saving grace were the two sides that we ordered which we promptly devoured. the old school mac & cheese ($7) was DIVINE. crunchy crusty cheese was mixed into the whole darn thing, providing great textural contrast to the velvety smooth elbow macaroni. as i forked a delicious mouthful into my pie hole, i looked over to the table right next to us and discovered that the patrons there only ordered the mac & cheese and a glass of ice tea for dinner. wow. i would have too if i'd known how hard the entrees sucked.

and here's their spicy fries ($5) which were super crispy with a good dousing of mesquite bbq powder. i warn you though that it will taste rather salty after a few handfuls, but tasty nevertheless. a small pot of watered down ranch dressing is provided for your dipping pleasure.

anyways, i REALLY, REALLY wanted to like this place because of their emphasis on local and organic. i really do! it's so close to me! perhaps i'll check them out for lunch because paying them for another suckass dinner is just plain stupid. if they disappoint me again, then it's clear this relationship can go no further. in hindsight though, i should have just sent my dish back huh? now i'm just whining like a little bitch. *sigh* oh well, no balls, no spit in my food.

2943 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026
(323) 662-4740
price: $$
verdict: it's aight
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  1. It doesn't *look* too bad. So sad.

  2. oh these looks were deceiving!

  3. Poor little lamb - he had to give up his life to become jerky! :(

  4. i know's always sad to think a cute lamb will turn into a jerk.... :(

  5. I'm so sorry you had a bad experience--I have had the complete opposite. I also live near local and eat Sunday brunch there regularly and have taken all my out of town guests there for dinner (I've probably eaten there more than 25 times) and I have NEVER had anything that wasn't AWESOME. Go again for breakfast --order the BBQ pork hash or the chilaquiles and you will be in HEAVEN!


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