Saturday, August 21, 2010

groupon freebie giveaway for

freebie alert, freebie alert.

whoo hoo my first! you know i love good deals. i love it even more when i can extend it to others to enjoy :) so here's the freebie. groupon gave me 5 codes to give away to 5 of my readers that would love some free food. you perhaps?

the groupon is for grubhub:

"GrubHub shows all of the restaurants that deliver to you. With a network of over 13,000 delivery restaurants, GrubHub makes online food ordering easier and more convenient than ever before. Just search your address above or choose your city. View delivery menus, reviews, and available coupons. When you find a restaurant you like, order online or by phone, all for free. Online ordering is simple, and our customer service team makes sure every order is delivered. Try us out today."

here are the details of this freebie groupon giveaway.

* it's a $20 value
* freebie expires december 23, 2010 so i hope you get hungry before then.
* the freebie groupon applies to online orders only and for those in the los angeles area (sorry sole reader from hong kong).
* for this freebie, when you're in the payment page of, click the checkbox for "pay with gift card" and enter the gift card code there. you do not present the code to the delivery driver.
* if you want to pick up your online delivery order, you can chat with grubhub customer service to adjust the delivery fee and use all $20 towards food.

all you have to do is post a comment here telling me which l.a. restaurant is your favorite and WHY? (what a great way for you to give me ideas where my belly should visit next!) if only five readers respond then i don't need to pick. if no one responds, then i get to keep them all, muhahhaha! and if more than five readers respond, i will figure out some sort of random draw. you have till thursday 8/26 to comment but if you can't wait, you can go on groupon and purchase this deal for yourself which runs for one more day. deal or no deal?


  1. Umami Burger- their fries are damn near perfect.

  2. There are so many great restaurants in LA. But when I am tired, and need the combo of good but not too fussy food - it's Fortune Inn in Glendale. Well made, generous portions, classic but not too funky - it's nice chinese food right in my neighborhood.

    Their pork spare ribs are so fragrant and tasty, our cat always tries to steal them. And now that sadly he has his own bucket list - we're going to help him with his theft.

  3. Hmmmm...such a tempting offer! Unfortunately I don't have a favorite place yet, still in search for that one name that makes me weak in the knees....scoops, king taco, marios....the search is still on!

  4. right now.. its Bite bar & bakery. great place for brunch (crab sandwich and mimosa) and most addictive croissants

  5. Pizzeria Mozza because despite the noise and the reservations that require much planning ahead, the food is unfussy, but top notch.

  6. Ah, I can't choose! I love Mr Pizza...and I also love Mendocino Farms...and I love Doughboys. It really depends on my mood.

  7. thought for a long time and finally came up with Malibu Fish Grill (i go to the HB one but i hear there's one in redondo beach?). ever have a craving for fish that's not teriyaki salmon a la some sushi place? at malibu fish grill you get to choose your fish, choose your flavor/sauce and then some sides. my favorite is the miso tuna w/ grilled zucchini and french fries. the best part is b/c it's kinda like a cafe type place where they bring your order to you instead of a restaurant where they "wait" on you, you'll be paying only about $10 and you don't have to tip either. if you don't want a whole meal like me, (i get the fish plate), you can have fish sandwiches or salads too. =) something for everyone.

  8. My all time favorite is gone now going on 2 or 3 years, and I still miss it. It was La Belle Epoque (now Little Doms, can’t stand that place). La BelleEpoque did not have the greatest food all across the menu, some things were hit and miss… But once you figured out the misses (e.g. ravioli, and why would you order ravioli in a French place?), and the hits (usually a fish from the white board special), you could have an absolutely divine meal. We would call ahead and ask for a bottle of champagne to be put on ice, and waltz in on a Saturday evening, find a table and cold champagne waiting for us… We loved the grumpy waiter and the older bus “boy”, and of course the owners… I guess all good things come to an end.

    I liked Divina Cucina in Montrose for a long time, excellent service, pleasant atmosphere, decent food. But the last two times this summer, 4 out of 5 dishes were a complete disaster (3 were the same I oredered before). So I’ve D/C’ed them.

    Another REALLY good place now long gone is Cinnabar in Glendale. Another decent gonner is Bistro Verdu.

    Still there and a good time can be had at Cafe Beaujolais (both, for the fat belly, and the wanderin’ eye). Aroma is above average, just too tight.

    In a “hole in the wall” category - The Kitchen is very good. Elena’s in Glendale has THE BEST lamb chops in SoCal. I ask for fries instead of rice, what can I say, I am a potato-eating european. Buko is wonderful (my faves are spicy tuna roll and Saba). TubTimSiam in Los Feliz was THE best Thai food, but they changed their dressing on the beef salad, and the waitress who shuffles her feet is getting on my nerves, so they are on probation for now. Rambutan Thai is great, actually a bit above “hole in the wall” category. Loved Polka, but after Huell Howser visit they got mobbed and they have priced themselves out of their category. Recent discovery – the Oinkster. Lovely patio, which is rare for the “hole in the wall” category. Decent sushi at Ichiban in LaCanada. Amazing huaraches at Huarache Azteca on York. Huevos rancheros and sauted (not fried) fish tacos at York Burger. We sit outside on a Sunday morning and bring our own champagne splits. And all of this – just so you have a new place to check out, I don’t really want the groupon. See you at the Kitchen on Friday?

    BTW, I love your writing. Keep it up.

  9. whoo hoo awesome! i was planning on using the groupons for myself, but it seems like i have to do a random draw for 5 of you folks. how exciting!

    r.r.- thank you for your super thoughtful response. i read every word of it. haven't been to the kitchen in a while, but your note reminds me that i should though it won't be this friday cuz i'm slated to be in glendale. i'll def check out some of the places you've mentioned and do check back to see if i kept my word. thanks for reading!

  10. Not sure if this giveaway is still going on but I must say I love eating at A&E Restaurant. It used to be named A&J Restaurant. Anywho, they have good beef buns and a layered pie concoction.

  11. @Jennifer - OMG me too!! I actually order with Much easier and faster - We are loving it.


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