Sunday, September 26, 2010

fleshy eats at bludso's bbq

once there was a boy that liked meat. A LOT of meat. he ate so much meat that he errr....had problems in the water closet. but as fate would have it, he fell in lust with a girl that didn't. in fact, the heavens were quite cruel to him because she was a vegetarian. oh poor meat eating boy!

so this boy tried, he really did when he ate with her. he would masticate greens and tofu when in his heart of hearts, all he really wanted to do was to grip a piece of medium rare beef between his incisors and tear the dead flesh apart. oh the madness of craving beef was driving him mad! to further the insanity, he tells me that once in a while, he would sneak in a bag of chicken to throw into his food when the girl wasn't looking. mayhaps the girl has a nice booty to drive him to these tricks? regardless, i never understood why he was never candid with her about it.

knowing how smitten he is by this girl who loves greens, i'm glad he does not know about this place.

a place that glorifies all that is meat in such a good damn way! BLUDSO'S BBQ in compton would have turned this love struck boy around. yes....meat, bring it.

i went there not too long ago to wrap my mouth around some toothsome meat. yes. not knowing what to order, i ordered a combo package which had enough dead flesh to make 5 vegetarians shudder....the texas sampler ($28.50) which included spicy beef links, pulled pork, rib tip, beef ribs, bbq chix, and beef brisket. yes, this was a formidable man trough if you will. since i was driving home with this hearty man trough, i asked the bbq sauce to be put on the side. i asked for one of each, the spicy and the mild. holy smokes, the best bbq sauce EVER. it would seriously make most meat eaters weep from joy when inhaling this deadly combo.

for the choice of sides, i got the mac & cheese which was extremely cheesy. though tasty, i could only eat a bite or two before it overwhelmed me and i had to drop it for....more meat.

i really enjoyed the greens. the bitterness from the greens mixed with the aromatic pork was a home run in my homestead. i had a bit of an internal struggle trying to willingly share this one.

and this is how a meat eater rolls. i hope that boy can find inner peace between lust and flesh or both or none at all. anyways, he must never read this post. it will self destruct in 5 minutes to avoid contributing to any temptations or maddening cravings that may follow....

Bludso's BBQ
811 S. Long Beach Blvd.
Compton, CA 90221
(310) 637-1342
price: $$
verdict: omg, i love it!
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  1. I think I'm the only blogger left who still hasn't been. :(

  2. no no, i'm with you WM... i STILL haven't been to bludso's... :(

  3. Third on that one. Why is Compton so far away?! Must make the drive soon.

  4. 4th on the list! Haven't been either!

  5. awww, you girls need to go, go, go! other than your bfs and hubbies, bludso's is another great place to find good meat. just sayin'.... ;)

  6. awwww, lil Asian girls afraid of BBQ. (and one lil not-so-Asian one.)

    next party in DTLA, I'm bringing more Bludso's. With a lil warning, they'll make the extra special sauce for brisket that is no longer "on the menu".

  7. tony- i am intrigued by this special sauce.


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