Sunday, September 18, 2011


dudes, i got married :0

on august 27, 2011 as a matter of fact. here's the top layer of my then day old wedding cake. the flowers were freakin' awwwwwesome on top don't you think? thanks to fleuretica for the beautiful burst of blooms...i wish they can fill my world with flowers EVERY DAY.

i also went on a horrible diet. i mean, it kinda worked and all...but a diet for a food blogger! that's like fucked up! but it was worth it not to souffle from the back of my white dress even though i still rippled in all the wrong places.

immediately afterwards, i went on an edible rampage...trying to fetch back the coat i was determined to shed for my wedding and what better way to do so than en route to vegas for our mini-moon (more posts to come on that one).

aria treated us well. we were upgraded to a mini-suite when they learned *cough* when i told them we were newlyweds. SCORE!

we were even greeted with a bit of sweetness. "yumz!" said my sugar depraved body as i INHALED and i mean INHALED most of it. no joke.

the mini-suite was spacious and awesome and let's not forget, an upgrade. wheeee!

the night view was uh-mazing.

so what does it feel like to be married? well, it feels just like living together except now everybody wants to know when i'm gonna get pregnant.


  1. Yaaaaaay, congrats to you and your hubs!

    So, like, when u gonna get pregnant? (haha, KIDDING!)

  2. BTW, my word verification word was "braface." LOL

  3. haha, thanks pam! and, can't top that one :P

  4. Congrats, Amy!!! Being married ROCKS. Can't wait to GORGE again with you.

  5. don't really know you but CONGRATS! :D

  6. congrats! finally, huh?! wishing you an awesome married life, i know there's challenges, but i wish you both lots of happiness through this journey! -reni

  7. Oh I remember the wedding diet! I guess it's a good thing I got married before I became a blogger! Congrats! Yes good luck w/ all those random questions. First it's when r u gonna get married, and in my case, when r u getting a dog?

  8. cathy- i agree, married life is grand. girrl, we need to grub big time.

    sharon- thank you!

    andi? thanks for the congrats. to know me is to love me :P

    reni- yup, finally did it. planning for it was bananas.

    bianca- the upside to the diet is that i'm still keeping it off...woot...wait till the holiday hits, oh boy.

  9. Congratulations! Very happy for you guys!


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