Tuesday, December 6, 2011

let your dogs, eat my blog

the 4th installment of eat my blog will be taking place this saturday at pita jungle in pasadena. i'm super excited to be a part of the eat my blog planning committee for a second year in the row and will be baking as well...though you will have to be a four-legged pooch to actually appreciate what i'm making.

i got this idea from tien who baked dog biscuits for emb last year. genius. seriously, we should allow our dogs to stuff face too!! and for a good cause to boot! since i have 3 furry doggies of my own, i really wanted to honor all the four legged friends out there with these pumkin peanut butter dog biscuits.

not trying to sell them too hard *ahem,* but let's just say that after giving my three dogs a taste of the test biscuits i baked, my biggest/tallest dog promptly climbed the counter the following day to steal the rest. a$$hole.

"let me just have a bite of the leg...."


i think your dogs will like them too! hope to see you there!!

UPDATE: eat my blog raised $4,323.86!


  1. I'm gonna come get me some cookies!!!

  2. Sending some love to the little beagle! Mine would be just as entranced by a delicious cookie!

  3. SO CUTE. May just have to come by for some of these for my little girl.

  4. alicia- COME! say hi, buy a bag or two, and give me a high-five :P

    puja- yay, another beagle supporter, woot. those floppy ears are SO DANG CUTE aren't they?

    angela- yes, come...bring your doggy, too!


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