Wednesday, March 17, 2010

yuchun cuz why not?

i am currently interviewing folks to be my token korean friend. yeah, i know, that sounds kinda wrong, but seriously, i need to delve into korean eats that goes further than nak won or hodori on vermont if you know what i'm sayin'. now, this token korean friend must love to eat and whether s/he totes louis vuitton accessories is a plus, but not neccessary. and yes, you have to speak korean.

yesterday, i went to dinner with a potential candidate. she took me to yuchun restaurant off of olympic. i've been here once before when she took a few of us for dinner and had yuchun's mool naeng myun (cold noodles) which is what this place is known for. i recalled it was yummy, but this time, we didn't order them again because i had a cold and didn't feel like eating something cold, ya dig?

being that she is a slim korean gal and i'm trying to slim down myself (a.k.a. mission impossible), we only ordered two dishes. i know, what a travesty! we started off with the kimchi dumplings which were plump and superb. they were hot pockets of meaty love with shredded veggies to keep you regular. the first bite immediately warmed up my soul.

oh yes please. three for you and three for me. wheeeee!

i also requested the dduk bok kki which is spicy korean rice cakes. i love, love, love the chewiness of rice cakes and the sweet burn you get from the gochujang was the perfect way to do it. the big hard boiled egg sitting in the middle of this red mess was also flippin' fantastic.

as with most korean meals, the end is near when you have a plate smeared with gochujang, and smeared it was! overall, i thought yuchun's food was solid and the entire meal costed us $20, tip included.

AND was it important to have a korean speaking friend with me for this meal? YES, cuz we almost didn't get our banchan but with her sharp korean eyes, i got my kimchi baby. so friend, thanks for your company! don't be suprised (or annoyed) when i call upon you for some more belly aching eating tasks! woot! come on, you know you likey :0

Yuchun Restaurant
3185 W Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90006
(213) 382-3815

price: $$
verdict: tasty, try it!
Yu Chun Chic Naeng Myun on Urbanspoon
Yuchun Restaurant in Los Angeles


  1. dumplings and dukboki? pretty dang perfect.

  2. what? only two meals?! your post about allston yacht club could've fed an entire army! :) it's hard to only order two meals in a korean restaurant. significant other and i ate at one last saturday. it was sooo good. i got my usual, beef bulgogi and he got the short ribs! and some other small plates which i forgot what they were, but all in good and has been washed out by a two-day workout! ha ha :)

  3. gastronomer- yup, loved it. methinks a perfect dinner.

    reni a.k.a. me is you a.k.a woman with so many aliases- i had a cold so not as much damage. BESIDES, i'm not suppose to pig out anymore :(


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