Sunday, April 4, 2010

blessing of the animals and a cream filled churro to boot

don't get bamboozled by this uber cute face.

sometimes the devil comes out....

so i try to keep charlie on the right side of the spiritual track and brought him to the "blessing of the animals" at olvera street this saturday. he sure needed a good blessing and some bad doo doo knocked out of him.

when we got there, it was jammed packed with two legged and four legged animals. this dog got really into it and promptly plopped down to praise the lord. charlie then promptly went behind him to sniff his butt.

as we braved the looooooooooooooooong line so my little charlie can get blessed, i started thinking about churros. being at olvera street always makes me think of churros, don't you?

we finally got to the end where charlie was blessed with some holy tap water. since i carried him, i got doused with water too so i looked like a wet cat holding a wet dog.

afterwards, i quickly navigated us to mr. churro where i get my churro fix. it's located in one of the side shops in the main thoroughfare that is olvera street. i never feel right leaving this place unless i'm clutching a cream filled churro from the mr. himself.

as you can see, they have other goodies here, but i have a one tracked mind when i come into this little shop and it usually involves......

this big ole bubbling vat of oil that this "thing" that i want gets cooked in. no wonder it's hard to lose the muffin top!

you get a choice of filling for your churro; strawberry, custard, or caramel for $3. i personally like the custard the best (the other two flavors are a tad too sweet for me even though custard is pretty sweet as well). i remember one time, when i had visited mr. churro, i saw this woman buy 50 custard filled churros! i'm sure she brought it to a party, but DANG she is right, it's rather good.

the best part is the first bite. i love the crispy crunch! then my lips get covered in sugar and cinnamon and i stick out my tongue to give my big mouth a good lick, similar to what my charlie does. the custard adds another delicate dimension to this sweet delight and cuts through the crunchiness. charlie got blessed and i got my delectable churro. it was a rather lovely saturday, oh yes it was.

Mr. Churro

15 Olvera St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 680-9036

price: $
verdict: tasty, try it!
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  1. I've been to Olvera Street so many times and have never tried Mr. Churro! Tragic!

    Your doggie is super adorable.

  2. Blessings and churros! AWESOME AWESOME!

  3. love churros in general. cinnabon has one with a custard filling, not too bad actually. i had lots of them in manila :) (not the cinnabon kind). yuummyyy!

  4. Charlie's so adorable.

    Me want churro now!

  5. Oh maaaan. And here I was thinking the perfect churro could not be improved. I was wrong!

  6. weezermonkey- charlie knows he's adorable and gets away with everything!

    gastronomer- it was a good day alright.

    me is you- i loooove churros, too. it sounds like you had a blast in manila.

    afro- yo! you go get a churro and a dog.

    marie- the extra custard to the churro just makes the heart clog faster :(

  7. duuude, $3??? That is RIDICULOUSLY expensive! when are you hitting that churros truck!

  8. We got our dog on the feast of St Francis. Very appropriate since she needs all the help she can get! Hehe! We love her! She coulda used the extra blessing this past weekend :)

  9. chinese man- olvera street is like disneyland with sombreros...that's why the churros are expensive!

    bianca- that sounds like a fun event as well. we are bringing charlie back next year.


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