Thursday, June 13, 2013

hog it up at black hogg

don't let the innocent facade fool ya. black hogg in silverlake is capable of serving you a gazillion calories at one sitting. open wide, loosen your belt, prepare to gorge, it's a good thing.

in preparation for the fat-a-thon, do get yourself some darjeeling republic of tea ($4). the tea is fragrant and lacks sweetness which won't add too many calories to your gut busting meal there...i think.

or a ginger beer ($4), another non alcoholic option for those who want to order beer without the requisite buzz...but why? :(


the uni toast ($8) was tasty though the delicate flavors of this dear sweet uni competed mightly with the scallions. a uni purist enamored with the delicate sea flavors of this creature may find that it lacked an uni presence, but since i will order anything uni, then i had to try it. what? uni on a hobo's shoe? sure, one order please.

the spicy chicken liver toast ($8) with a chicken skin cracklin' on its cap. or how about raise the chicken cracklin' sail because this little liver toast ship is about to sail into yo' mouth! yes, i was really thinking that. i really did.

the infamous popcorn bacon ($8) were little fatty pork nuggets encased in a crust with a side of maple crema for your dipping pleasure. you will either clap your hands or clutch your heart after you take your first bite.

roasted bone marrow with corn tortillas ($10). never had marrow wrapped in a tortilla, but why not? 

the lamb burger ($17) was juicy. the fries were perfectly thin and crunchy. match made in heaven? definitely. a fat angel totally made this one happen.

the meal ended with a carby bread pudding ($8). sticky and decadent.

my dogs also had a bite of black hogg. the sweet little sighs and grunts we heard while they worked the bone marrow bone like a crunchy lollipop probably meant they plan to write a good review for black hogg on yelp after they are done.

bronx going to town.

lucy working the bone luge.
overall, black hogg is a nice addition to silverlake. they reopened with a wine and beer menu which makes a whole lotta good when you're fisting fried things left and right. corkage is $19, but if you eat there tuesday-thursday, wines bought from silver lake wine means no corkage fees! so don't forget to have that silver lake wine sticker on your bottle and pop some of that popcorn bacon in yo mouf.

Black Hogg
2852 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA  90026
(323) 953-2820

price:  $$
verdict:  tasty, try it!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

no tacos for pops, just silverlake ramen

my dad has some busted old teeth but the funny thing is he likes his occasional hard shell taco and would walk down the block to a little family owned mexican restaurant in the same strip mall as silversun liquor store to buy his occasional taco crunch. my dad did it for years and the restaurant was there for years. ahhh, memories.

about a year or so ago, i had to break it to him that his go-to hard taco place was no more. it is now replaced with silverlake ramen. they serve eatables like THESE which do not resemble a hard taco AT ALL. sorry pops.

crispy rice with spicy tuna ($4.50). it was a good way to start the meal says the spicy tuna whoreasaurus.

spicy tuna bowl (which came with the combo meal but otherwise would be $4.50/$7.50 depending on the size). filling it was, though the bowl was rice heavy. i skipped much of the rice when i witnessed my flappy underarms jiggle as i reached for my glass of water.

a blossoming side salad offering you the only greens of the night, that is, if ruffiage is important to you and all. it's not? what?! are you like a constipated cave man?

tonkotsu ramen ($8.50) with the most custardy broth in the world. if i was to use a straw to suck up the broth (which i won't but if you do i won't judge) i don't think it would even go through. the sucker is thick and per their personal description of the broth, "our ramen broth soup is boiled for 16 hours for richness and taste." i wouldn't say i was a fan of the broth, but it was definitely full of flavor.

so those are a few things you can eat at silverlake ramen. sorry no more hard taco shell tacos for pops, though his younger daughter did offer him a taco bell run. i hope he says no.

Silverlake Ramen
2927 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

price: $
verdict: it's aight
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