Thursday, February 18, 2010

l.a. street food fest was a no, the coffee table in silverlake was a go

going to the l.a. street food fest and seeing the long ass line of people waiting to get in transported me back to my college days when my friends and i stood in line for a club or bar waiting to get in (and yes, we weren't skankalicious enough to bypass the line...sad face). coinky dinky enough, both the club line and the l.a. street food one will put you into contact with some form of meat, but the one at the l.a. street food fest was about 2.5 hours long and you risked a possible heat stroke from it. even though my friends and i had plans to meet other friends that were already inside, a quick survey of the crowd still waiting to get in yielded this formula x + y/ 4x-z= SUCKA. oh hell no. it was clear to me (but not to other people i guess) that the line was way too long so you ran the possibility of not getting in AT ALL or worse yet, you get in and they RUN OUT OF FOOD. come on now, how much food can these trucks hold anyways? i doubt people were running in to replenish the food. the formula works...try it.

oh no. :(

oh hell no. *shakes head*

since we didn't pay for parking, the decision to leave was made easier so i texted my friends to bid them adieu and off we went to the coffee table in silverlake.

holy hell i was hungry by then! the pavement pounding, sweat wiping, horror on my face, and sadness in my heart only meant that i HAD to have a burger. you might not know this, but put a little burger in your heart and it does wonders for your soul. so i did. i ordered a tuna burger and when i was offered cheese for it, i actually had to think about it...hmm...ahi tuna and cheese...NO. it was rather delicious just the way it is! even though the buns were nothing special, i enjoyed the spicy seasoning on my medium rare tuna hunk. the side of pineapple slaw was also refreshingly different just like mango salsa is on a chip.

my friend also needed a burger pick me up and got the los feliz beef burger with a side of mashies. nothing special, but still tasty.

but my thick ole tuna steak masquerading as a burger trumps it all. it was thick, juicy, and tender. i guess i still got my fill of "meat" after all.

the meal ended on a sweet note. two mini cupcakes (red velvet and banana walnut) were consumed. the frosting was spot on with its cream cheese frosting, but the mini cupcakes were dry....another reason not to order a mini i guess.

my sweet tooth DID NOT stop there. we also shared a vanilla creme brulee cheesecake. HEAVENLY. MOUTH WATERING. MUFFIN TOP INDUCING. creamy, dreamy, i want you again. please?

so there you have it. although we did not participate in the l.a. street food fest (which i heard was a nightmare of lines, inside and out) we still managed to have a grand ole belly loving time at the coffee table. like everything in life, there's always a silver lining (not to go all fortune cookie on your butts) but yes, everything was all good after all, if not better.
The Coffee Table
2930 Rowena Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90039
(323) 644-8111
price: $$
verdict: tasty, try it!
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The Coffee Table in Los Angeles


  1. hah, I agree re: the burger (or at least I agree now that I've finally had my first cheeseburger!).

    I'm glad I didn't come out to Street Food Fest. I felt left out for a minute moment, but no food is worth a 3-hour line.

  2. Hmmm.. yeah, I'm glad I didn't go to the LA Street Food fest. All I heard was how bad the lines were. They should really just do one every month so people have a chance to try them out.

    MMmmmm ahi tuna steak burger? dude i'd take that over the trucks right now

  3. the ahi tuna and creme brulee cheese cake looks the bomb! i love creme brulee but i've never had it in a cheesecake version.

  4. diana- the organizers were definitely ill prepared for the crowd, but kudos to them for organizing it. if there's a 2nd one, i hope it will be better planned. and omg, what do you mean your FIRST cheeseburger?!

    afro- my friend waited an hour to get to the front of the ludo line, only to get tickets that told her to come back in 45 minutes to pick up food. THAT, is LOCO. an ahi burger is sooooooo good.

    me is you- if you're a creme brulee and cheesecake fan, you would DIE with this dessert. omfg it was sooooooo good! the top isn't crackly like a real creme brulee, but it has that carmelized sweetness. mmmm....

  5. I too was in that long line & didn't make it either. Glad the coffee table came to your rescue!

  6. OMG i had the same experience, ditched the line for Red Lion Tavern instead. Creme brulee YUM! Cheesecake DOUBLE YUM!! Good decision on your part.

  7. yum the coffee table! you'll have to come to the next one girl. it was fun

  8. bianca- i think there's a lot of similar l.a. street food fest stories out there. sadness.

    stuffycheaks- red lion tavern! haven't been there in ages. yes, the cheesecake was TO DIE FOR.

    yjs- i'll be prepared to get there early for the next one. possibly camp out.


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