Monday, November 22, 2010

furballs and ludo truck's getting rolly-poly up in here

i'm a dog lova, but i recalled a time when i was a cat lova too. in particular, with a white cat that wore a red bow and a frog that had too many syllables to its name, seven syllables in fact. i just counted.

when the opportunity arose for me to check out the sanrio small gift pop-up shop on its last day in l.a., i was stoked...i mean, i was meowed. talk about a walk down memory lane. *sigh*

hardcore fans lined up to do mucho cutsey things. hello, hello kitty! and hello to you too badtz-maru!

after winding ourselves in and around the small space that housed this hello kitty clusterfuck, we promptly headed out to the back where the food trucks were located. low and behold, i spy with my little eye a big red coq. kitties and coqs...this is getting unreal folks. seriously.

although other food trucks were present; manila machine, ahn joo truck, che truck, etc...we were drawn to ludo's bold red truck and the images of crispy chicken balls in our mouths. if it wasn't for the impending gorge fest that involves a turkey, this tale may have a different that involves lots of truckin' good food and one ginormous belly.

we started off with the refreshing basil blood orange drink ($2.28). lovely and refreshing. the hint of basil and the blood orange juice was a perfect compliment to each other. i think they need to start thinking about selling them in big gulp sizes.

the infamous ludo balls, the balls that compell most women AND men to clamor after them. this two piece provencal pepitte combo ($7.52) came with ludo slaw, fries, and a choice of dipping sauce.

as expected, the chicken balls were tender and juicy in the middle. the herbaceous fragrance that were infused into these balls tingled my nose hairs and added an exceptional sophistication to otherwise, err...well executed fried chicken. the bearnaise dipping sauce which i chose was a limey and creamy compliment. for an EXTRA $0.68 (boo), we got the piquillo pepper dipping sauce as well. it reminded me of sriracha....

we also got the two-piece honey glazed garlic wings combo ($7.52) which also came with fries and ludo slaw. they were delicious and sticky and will definitely appeal to those that love the savory/sweet food profile. man they would make terrific snacks during a l.a. kings hockey game!

the entire meal was $19.76 (tax included). although my post may sound riddled with conflicting messages, i would have to concur with other diners that the value was just not there...YES they were tasty, but these were definitely appetizers and not a meal. and peoples, i was looking to eat.

so after the chicken balls and kitty love, we finally left. thank god we came at the time we did because a long line had already formed to get in. bye bye kitties and coq!

Sanrio Pop-Up Tour

Ludo Truck
(213) 973-8839

price: $
verdict: tasty, try it
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  1. wow, 2 small pieces of chicken balls? Hmm... i def wont be full after spending almost $8

  2. I guess it could be a good thing... portion control?

  3. Wimpy ballz? That's just not right. But D Takes B does have a good point: Portion Control.

  4. stuffy- the balls were little and the wings were skinny. i die.

    diana and cathy- portion control is a good thing for a big booty like mine. but the real question here is "value" and what we find is "worth it." an $8 appetizer in a nice restaurant with good ambiance is a steal...i wouldn't even think twice about it. but an $8 combo meal served from a truck as i eat it shivering in the cold because there's nowhere to sit and i'm still hungry after consuming it...not worth it. no matter how fancy the truck, it is still a truck.

  5. Gotta catch that Ludo truck next time I see it. I love Sanrio too & had fun & yes waited in the line for the shop this year. I did like the location way better.

  6. bianca- i overheard a convo that the sanrio items can be purchased online so i did not wait in line. that line was crazy long!


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