Thursday, February 3, 2011

sipping and wooting at haus dessert boutique

if i was a boy and wanted to woo a girl, i would totally take her here. if i was a gal and had a gaggle of women that i wanted to talk to about boys, then i would totally take them here as well. what i'm really saying is that haus dessert boutique is a cute little place in k-town to chillax and you and i should TOTALLY go here. totally.

and since the ambiance is fun, contemporary, and loungy with comfy seating for your derriere, i'm sure you can wax poetic about your life or lack thereof while sippin' many, many cups of coffee....

or you can moisten your chords with a variety of smoothies and shakes. this green tea shake ($7) had strong matcha flavors but was deliciously addictive and refreshing. my dining companion took a few hefty slurps before i could take my pic...dang saboteur. but let's just say, the $7 filled the smoothie to the very top of that glass just in case your wallet trembled a little at the idea of forking over $7 for a shake. woot?

but if you don't want to spring for a drink, let me mention that they had a promotion in which the mere mention of "twitter" got you a complimentary cup of coffee to go with your piece of cake. woot for social media. but do not expect an "i love twitter" message on your plate like you see here if you can still snag this deal. our server sniffed out that we were social media whores and decided to plate up our dessert with that message....and of course we had to tweet it out....of course. twitter. woot.

after we were done cackling at our chocolatey message, i finally dug my fork into the thick wedge of red velvet cheesecake ($5). unfortunately, the cake was not as fun as the message it sat upon. although the cake part was moist and spongy, the cheesecake portion suffered from a heavy hand of salt. i typically enjoy some salty elements to my dessert which usually highlights the sweetness even more, but this time, it was a tad overpowering. i did not care for this piece of salty-sweet fatness at all.

the chocolate mousse cake ($5) on the other hand was absolutely joyful to eat. it was chocolatey, BUT NOT too sweet, a perfect dessert for the asian palate.

as i sat there watching some korean dudes walk to the restroom sporting asian glows, a couple on a date, and a few girlfriends just sitting around chatting, i realized haus can probably fit the bill for long as you come for dessert and with plans to wax poetic about life over a few mugs of coffee. enjoy.

*and happy new year, gong hei fat choi, and chuc ming nam moi peeps! here's to another fatty year! woot.*

Haus Dessert Boutique
3826 W. 6th St.
Los Angeles, CA 90020
(213) 388-5311

price: $
verdict: tasty, try it!
Haus Dessert Boutique on Urbanspoon


  1. don't you love the call buttons at haus? lol

    haus is a place the gfs and i frequent for coffee and gossip :)

    if you wanna go to other ktown spots msg me! lets go :)

  2. You know I love this place. I'm one visit away from being mayor :P

  3. sad to hear the cheesecake wasn't so good but i'd be curious to try some of their other stuff and in the neighborhood tood!

  4. helen- loved the haus button and yes, it's a really cute place to sit and gossip. i will dm you soon cuz i want some korean eats and yogurt soju! :)

    danny- i hope your dream comes true...being mayor of haus that is :0

    nastassia- the chocolate mousse cake was good. i'm sure there's a few other sweet things that's worth the calories. definitely give it a try.


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