Wednesday, March 30, 2011

phuoc loc tho for snails and duck fetuses, yay!

food court food usually turns my tongue flaccid, but phuoc loc tho's food court in westminster does the complete opposite by perking up my tastebuds while inducing wild vietnamese spasms in my mouf. yes, it does.

as i mosey through all the knick knacks and future garage sale items at phuoc loc tho, the food court at the center always beckons me with its plethora of delicious vietnamese treats. and NOTHING makes my tongue wiggle as wildly as THIS treat, trứng vịt lộn (a fertilized duck egg with a nearly formed duck fetus nestled inside). here is a batch of eggs sitting in a warm water bath, awaiting for a lucky pie hole like mine.

to crack one of these suckers open for consumption, one must possess a gentle touch. first, you take a good look at your egg and make sure the tapered end faces upwards. you then make soft taps with the back of your spoon and carefully peel off the pieces of broken shell from the top, being cautious not to spill any of the duck juices that has brewed so potently within its shell. take an initial slurp and you too, will relish in the pure concentration of this duck juice. a sprinkle of salt, pepper, and vietnamese mint sets the stage for a most wonderful bite.

we quickly followed up our ducky mouthfuls with these snails cooked with lemon grass. it was delicious and tangy. my only regret was not ordering more.

these paler versions were cooked in a light, gingery broth. when they were brought to our table, our toothpicks were poised and ready to fish out the meat from these coiled shells. a light dip in the fish sauce gave this gastrapoda just enough zing for consumption. loves.

the bánh cuốn was not as masterful ;) as my mom's homemade version, OF COURSE, but it was delicious nevertheless. the fish cake and the mung bean patties were very filling components to the dish.

and we rounded out our feast with an order of bánh bèo which were delicious individual saucers of steamed rice cakes topped with a bit of dried shrimp. i could have eaten them all if it wasn't for the fact that i HAD to share. BOOOOO.....

and before i headed home, i HAD to grab a box of goi du du, a vietnamese style green papaya salad. what makes this food stall particularly memorable is their beef AND liver jerky on top. i never leave phuoc loc tho without a beloved box of shredded green papaya from this place.

heavenly. the textures and flavors are just amaaaaazing.

man i love this place. phuoc loc tho...where it tastes phuocking great!

Phuoc Loc Tho
9200 Bolsa Ave.
Ste 1148
Westminster, CA 92683
(714) 903-2550

price: $-$$
verdict: omg, i love it!


  1. i have never almost formed fetuses, kindda scared. you drink the duck juice, but is the duck itself crunchy or boney? Does it just taste like duck meat? love those snails!

  2. i could probably eat 100 banh beo oh man.

    favorite part of going home to OC is all the tasty vietnamese food i get to eat!

  3. sharon- oh yes!

    stuffy- there's a funk to the trứng vịt lộn and the funk does require some getting use to. depending how far along the fetus is when it was cooked, you might get a little feather or even a duck bill as you eat. i there anything that i'm describing so far that sounds delicious? :0 the bones are still in the soft state but there's def more texture than a regular yolk...does not taste like duck is an odd but intriguing taste. i liken it as the durian of eggs :)

    andi?- if the oc wasn't so far...i will be so banh beo-ed out. love that stuff. loves.

  4. What an awesome Vietnamese feast! My grandparents love Phuoc Loc Tho ;-)

  5. I think this might be the same place Hong and Kim took me for my first fertilized duck egg. I have to say it's quite delicious!

  6. cathy- you and i both know that old people know where the good eats are!

    danny- glad you like the fertilized duck egg taste. some people can't stand that yummy though!

  7. Okay, wtf, what is wrong with this picture? Boiling baby animals alive then eating them? Seriously, this is sick and barbaric. Wow, with so many other kinds of real food to eat you weird people have to eat the most bizzare and discusting things as boiled baby animals?


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