Thursday, April 14, 2011

breaking up with gingergrass

it's like THAT boy. you know. that one lingering one you dated, then broke up with, then dated again, only to eventually break up with once more. perhaps because of the passage of time, coupled with your hunger for companionship, you both reach out for each other again only to realize that lightening does strike twice and you should NOT have taken two steps back by rekindling a messy relationship that once was......

because eating copious amounts of shrimp chips won't ever make it any better.

nor sipping glasses of this uber yummy lychee mimosa ($7) enough to repair what's already been broken once....

because this relationship is quite similar to this persimmon roll ($4.95). random with ingredients that don't complement each other. please don't think that a few strands of persimmon flesh with noodles in rice wrapper should taste magically delicious. oh no, it tasted randomly conceived....just like this bygone relationship that you're trying to restart for a second time. people say your personalities didn't fit...and like this roll, it really just didn't...but you had to try again, didn't you?

and try as you might, an attempt to make the relationship slightly different by "behaving" for the first few months might have worked for the short term, but in order to prevent yourselves from falling back into old destructive habits, the foundation between the two of you must be strong in the first place and should not be accompanied by fatty baggage that cannot be digested. but alas, it was all smoke and mirrors wasn't it? just like this unctuous pork belly dish ($14.95) which tasted great as it was consumed, but as soon as it was fully digested, left one (namely me), pounding at the bathroom door for a belly emergency.

LOOK at all that unforgiving fat!

and by the tail end of this rekindled relationship with its obvious dried up passion like this dried up, overcooked fish in this big red snapper bowl ($10.95), it is probably a good time as any to give up because it's not worth the extra calories or the heartache.

because all the sweetness you had hoped would be there this second time around just did not materialize similar to these fried banana rolls ($5.95) which were served unripened and left a chalky taste in one's mouth. and truthfully, life is way too short to deny yourself of something sweet.

so what i'm really saying is, some relationships are meant to be left alone and once it's over, it should really be over. and now it's time for me to say bye bye to gingergrass. dahling, it was wrong once before and even with this second chance, we are clearly not meant to be. baby, we need to break up...again.

2396 Glendale Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90039
(323) 644-1600
price: $$
verdict: not worth my time
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  1. i have to agree with you. i went to Gingergrass once and thought well it is ok maybe i didn't order the right thing then went back again and didn't love it that time either. and i wanted to love it since it is a neighborhood joint for me but alas, some relationships are not meant to be!

  2. I concur. The pho is shit here and for me, it's fool me once (because of the proximity and ambiance) - shame on you for serving me bad food even though you all are Vietnamese back there. Fool me twice, shame on me because the food was never good to begin with and I should have never went back a second time. I rather be eating at Viet Noodle Bar in Atwater Village.

  3. What a shitty boyfriend! Good riddance!

  4. Could this be a friend's with benefit kind of place?

  5. What does this mean? "Could this be a friend's with benefit kind of place?" No idea! But it made me LOL.

    Thanks for saving me a trip to Gingergrass. I like nice guys ;-)

  6. Rather amusing! I think you broke it to him gently but I hope he got the point! :)

  7. nastassia- it's in my neighborhood too which is why i wanted to LOVE it. alas, i do not.

    that girl van- i haven't tried the pho, but i can't imagine it to be any good based on the other things i've eaten there.

    weezermonkey- hehe...damn shitty ex's...

    danny- it can't be a friend with benefits kind of place because it did not induce any foodgasms. so why bother? :p

    cathy- yeah, let's stick to nice guys. bad ones leave us with heartburn.

    bianca- yeah, we won't be calling each other anymore. this is it. done. the end. over. bye.


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