Tuesday, September 27, 2011

85ºC bakery cafe for a carb high

if you can't say no to carbs, then i suggest you think twice before you head off to 85ºC bakery cafe lest you want to trade your skinny jeans for fat pants just.like.me.

85ºC bakery cafe is a taiwanese owned bakery with over 300 storefronts in taiwan, china, australia, and two in the u.s., conveniently located in irvine and hacienda heights for your grubbing pleasure. this wildly popular bakery, named after the prime temperature in which coffee holds its best flavor, is known for its baked goods as well as its drinks and is the hot spot for carbolicious clusterfuck situations. if you don't believe me, just go during the morning hours when the lines resemble hungry curled pythons.

once inside, you will see rows upon rows of pastries encased in acrylic boxes to protect the buns from bruising as eager patrons jostle for their carbs. sometimes there's a label identifying the baked goods...sometimes not. sometimes you find what you want, sometimes not. sometimes, you just grab what you can.

en route to vegas, we picked up a box of goodies to occupy our mouths. the super affordable price points and rather pleasing flavors to the pie hole is a direct link to its popularity.

one of my favorites from the bunch was the calamari corn ($1.30) which was rather airy and had some cheesy corn bits for a wonderful savory touch. definitely a "must get" item when you are there.

the 85ºC rose cheese bread ($2.50) was the size of a newborn's head and just as soft. the creamy middle can be overwhelming unless you have an equal portion of bread to balance your bite.

unfortunately, the infamous iced sea salt coffee ($3.25) was just not my cup of joe. i found the salty foam on top to be much too thick and creamy, which reminded me of a buttery rim that i did not want to sip through to get to the coffee.

overall, i understand the 85ºC hype and will gladly go there again to partake in a carb high. HOWEVER, i will not go during peak hours to face those monster lines because no matter how you wrap your head around it, it really makes no good sense to wait a long time just to buy things that will turn you into a fatass.

85ºC Bakery Cafe
17170 Colima Rd.
Hacienda Heights, CA 91745
(626) 839-7889

price: $
verdict: tasty, try it!


  1. There are so many delicious things there, each time I go there I can't resist and my diet is just ruined but it definitely worth.

    Greets short term rental london

  2. Went to the ones in Taiwan and they did not have crazy lines. I told my cousins about the lines for the ones in the US and they said "Why? There are so many better places." Ahh I miss the food there ...

  3. I went there for the first time a few weeks ago & was amazed at how cheap everything was. Our group also went in the morning and were warned about the line. Nonetheless they kicked us out cuz it got too crowded! Still enjoyed our stuff though. I'd go again but not during the peak time. It was crazy!

  4. eleana- it's incredible how long people will wait for food that reminds them of home. onto other taiwanese food news, i am addicted to fan tuan!

    bianca- yup, i agree. the plan is to go when it's "slower" so you have more carb choices too!

  5. i want to go on a carb overload there! ugh why is it so far :(

  6. re: stupid sea salt latte.

    Of course you know in Asia they have HOT sea salt lattes. Those I'll drink. The iced shit? No thanks.


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