Thursday, January 17, 2013

the hart and the hunter and three pounds later

if you want to gain three pounds in one sitting, and love every bite of it, then the hart and the hunter located in the palihotel is the place to do your pants tight...errr, i mean right. chef-owners kris tominaga and brian dunsmoor really whacked this one out of the ball park with their soulfully delectable twist on southern cuisine.

start with the chicken cracklins and hot pepper vinegar ($4). sweet baby jesus they were crispy and flaky, perfection when you splash a bit of the spicy pepper vinegar on a skin or two. order two! trust me.

the butter biscuits and condiments ($6) were sinful discs of flaky awesome. you knew with every bite that you should stop, but can't and won't.

the la quercia country ham, bread and butter pickles ($10) was tasty but unnecessary if you're balling on a budget.

the fried chicken livers ($10) maintained a delicate balance of savory and sweet. the bits of apple were a sweet touch and it tricked me into thinking it was healthy. i'm gullible.

the smoked trout with avacado toast ($11) was delightful. flaky fish on avacado toast, two of my most favorite things in the world.

the chopped steak, bone marrow, and grilled toast ($16) was a bit of a miss for me, only because i start to cringe once i see puddles of blood forming.

hanger steak with soft grits ($21) was FA-BOO-LOUS. tender steak and flavorful grits, a must order people!! do it!

low country shrimp boil with andouille sausage, corn and potatoes ($22) reminded me a lot of my one year stint in louisiana. solid flavors all around.

fried green tomatoes with herbs ($13) was a tasty favorite. tart in just the right places, salty in others.

roasted brussel sprouts ($6) to add a little charred greenery to the meal.

sprouting broccoli ($7) cuz we respected the green side of the food pyramid.

the cheddar grits ($6) was WAAAAAYYYYY tooo over the top though. it's like i licked paula deen covered in grits, oy. i would skip this one.

the desserts by pastry chef sarah lange was a huge hit, another reason to loosen the belt, sit back, and revel in the sweet sugar rush that is sure to follow.

the lemon ice box pie ($6) was my absolute favorite. loved the tart flavors and that burst of iciness from it's partly frozen center.

chocolate pudding with ginger snap cookies ($6) was also a gastranomical homerun. simple but flavorful.

my husband really loved the sticky pumpkin cake with pecans ($6), a perfect reminder of the holidays that just past.

the warm apple dumpling and hooks cheddar ($6) was tasty, but the cheddar notes were on the light side.

the chocolate peanut crunch cake ($6) was intense. non chocolate lovas need not apply.

the meal was indeed a tasty treat for anyone who loves bold flavors. and if you start off with the chicken cracklins and end up with the lemon ice box pie, you're going to be a-ok regardless of what happens during the course of your meal.

The Hart and the Hunter
7950 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA  90046
(323) 424-3055

price:  $$
verdict:  omg, i love it! 

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