Thursday, November 7, 2013

nozomi knows sushi

if you want a dead fish dangled in front of your face like a flaccid penis, i suggest you come to nozomi in torrance where the fish is fresh and the sushi chef is feisty.

do make reservations at the sushi bar, ask for yasu san, and be prepared for a nice raw omakase journey where soy sauce is totally unnecessary. say whut??

jelly fish
seared mackerel
one of the best bites of the night, the koshodai, also known as sweetlips. crispy in texture and dusted lightly with sea salt. i could have eaten this FOREVER. 

koshodai aka sweetlips
the phallic looking geoduck, once thinly sliced is quite sweet and crispy.

ika with uni aka sea urchin riding piggy back on squid. look at how the uni is hanging on for dear life. delicious.

ika and uni
then you jump right into a bowl of silky steamed egg with bits of shrimp and shiitake mushrooms buried in it. kind of like a treasure hunt except it's in a bowl and you don't have to dig too deep.

yellowback seabream with sesame sauce
pike mackerel
spanish mackerel
baby amberjack
blue fin tuna
my hubs is not a fan of uni (i know right?? weirdo. kidding. just means more for me). i dropped both in my mouf like a boss.

scottish salmon with sea kelp
not normally a fan of ikura because i ate some rank ones in the past, but these were entirely yummy. little sea pearls indeed.

ikura aka salmon eggs
the last bite was anago and a sweetened tamago. i learned a sweeten tamago signified the end of the meal. what a yummy way to say "pay the check and get out!"   
anago and tamago aka salt-water eel and japanese omelette
yasu san told us to come back once a month since the seasonal fish are always changing. i totally would except for this wallet has been empty as of late. 

1757 W Carson St.
Torrance, CA 90501
(310) 320-5511

price: $$$
verdict  omg, i love it! 

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  1. I'm a great fun of the mackerel and ikura! They appeal to me so much in comparison to other marine food...


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