Thursday, April 9, 2009

honor thy master

Dumpling Master Restaurant
423 N Atlantic Blvd
Monterey Park, CA 91754
(626) 458-8689

price: $
verdict: tasty, try it!

i'm not afraid of hole-in-the-wall exteriors or lack of coolness interiors when it comes to restaurants. all that matters to me is good food and good company...and it would be a perk if it looks relatively clean. when i was introduced to "da masta," it was love at first bite. there is something super yummy about their pan fried dumplings...the crispy exterior and the flavorful interior of each dumpling really makes me hanker for more even though the next bite might lead to an early death because i've inhaled so much already. i usually order pork pan fried dumplings, but i can imagine that the other animal groups and vegetarian ones are just as tasty. but the trick is, and HARK my words, you must mix the perfect sauce for your dumplings. at your table are some condiments. start with a base of soy sauce, a dribble of vinegar, and a tiny spoonful of that oily chili. you should modify the amounts base on your preferences. of course, mine is always perfect just for me...and it is the perfect sauce to go with that perfect little pan fried dumpling.

do supplement your meal with their scallion pancakes and hand made soup noodles with beef. not only will you leave this joint feeling pleasantly stuffed, you will also leave with enough dollars in your wallet to go get some dessert if there's still space in your belly. the food is HELLA CHEAP! what isn't there to love about this place?

and oh, they have this special delicacy: pig ears. they are thinly sliced and when eaten, the texture is rubbery and crunchy. i really like it even though it's not everybody's cup of tea. i usually order an ear, and sometimes two. this bit of information should in NO way make you question my taste buds...hahahahaha. my tastes are pretty diverse.

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