Friday, April 24, 2009

the land of "cheap" froyo

130 S Central Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 687-0733

price: $
verdict: omg, i love it!

anything with the word "land" in it is probably pretty awesome. think about it, disney"land," chinatown "land" (if you don't believe me, go to l.a. chinatown. i believe on ord street, there is a ghetto make shift sign in the old part of chinatown that says "chinatown land"), lego "land," and now yogurt"land." they all have the word "land" and they are all pretty awesome. ahhh yogurtland, you've exceeded my expectations.

i must admit, when my sis and i first walked in, i was a bit disoriented. it looked like a pinkberry, but not quite. then i started picking up the details and stuck one and one together..."oh, it's a self serve yogurt joint!" interesting. we whispered to one another for a bit trying to locate all the wares and inspected the yogurt squirters before we began.

there were a ton of yogurt flavors lined up against the wall: blueberry, oreos, strawberry, peach, mango, banana, etc...and of course, the pinkberry knock-off (which isn't as good). since my sis conveniently forgot her wallet, i treated her and knowing that she was getting treated, she piled on her yogurt and toppings like she was feeding a family of four. i even offered her another container just in case she wanted to strap that one onto her overflowing one. she unlike her. perhaps she heard that our country is going into a recession. in any case, our yogurts were weighed and i expected the worse...especially with my sister's mother load yogurt...but HELLS TO THE NO. under four dollars for each yogurt container?! are you shitting me?! that's cheaper than pinkberry's by a whole lot!

wow. i'm coming back.

oh yeah, it was pretty darn good too.

taro and plain flavored froyo topped with lychee, mochi balls, captain crunch, and strawberries. mmmmmm.....

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