Sunday, April 19, 2009

real grass might actually taste a tad bit better

2396 Glendale Blvd
Silver Lake, CA 90039
(323) 644-1600

price: $$
verdict: not worth my time

it's a medium sized venue but depending on the night, it might be quite a wait. luckily, we were able to walk in and get seated because the other parties were too big to be seated immediately. score!

although people rave about this place, gingergrass is a vietnamese restaurant that serves average vietnamese food for hipster prices. we had their bo sate and their lemongrass chicken...meh. the bo sate was saturated in brown sauce. the only appealing thing about this dish were the little taro chunks in it. otherwise, the sauce was overpowering and the green beans were overcooked and were completely soaked in it. the lemongrass chicken tasted like something you can get from sam woo in their bbq section for like $4 as oppose to the $14 price tag here. and i bet you, the sam woo version would be tastier. the rice in general is overcooked and as i surveyed the crowd, i didn't see another asian face. that's probably because they are in montery park at the moment eating BETTER prepared vietnamese food. i felt punked.

except for a few great items like their lychee mimosa and banana spring rolls for dessert which were pretty spectacular, the food really pales in comparison to all the fine vietnamese places that you will find in orange county, chinatown, montery park and such. i ate here because of convienence and that was about it. otherwise, i would rather drive a bit further and get vietnamese food from a more authentic place. the vietnamese side of me was UNIMPRESSED.

lychee mimosa. wow. i want another one!

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