Friday, April 24, 2009

where did the moisture go?

Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen
48400 Seminole Dr
Cabazon, CA 92230
(951) 849-5058

price: $
verdict: it's aight

in that particular food court, there's not much to choose from. villa fresh looked like a shiny star out of the lot.

the food is a bit sbarro-esque, but it's decent. the pizzas do have a crazy thick crust to it and it's huge. they also serve the typical fried appetizers like deep fried mozzerella sticks and an egg roll like concoction with pizza filling inside. i just inquired about those...i was at cabazon to do some shopping after all and it didn't make sense to go up in 3 dress sizes by inhaling all these fried foods.

i ended up ordering the lasagna which came with a super garlicky bread roll...they were both tasty. similar to sbarros, they never seem to give enough tomato sauce because half way through the lasagna, the darn thing must have soaked up all the sauce and moisture in the air but it remained dry as hell. where did all that sauce go?!

the food was decent and the bill came out to be $8.81 with a drink. not bad for a carbo recharge as i plowed through a few more stores afterwards.

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