Saturday, May 8, 2010

ricky serves up a mean ass fish taco

most folks come to silverlake because it's eclectic and hip. but if you're a food enthusiast, you probably come to silverlake because of ricky and his infamous fish tacos. ok, hello yum! that is still a super plan you guys! come on over!

depending on who i talk to, when folks find out that i live in silverlake, i am inevitably asked whether i've eaten a ricky's fish taco. until today, i've always uttered a sheepish "no" because i typically find myself outside of my hood during my weekends. but FINALLY, for once, i can say YAY, i paid ricky a visit and the man is da bomb. holla.

ricky rents a little spot inside the mi alma collective, a wonderful space filled with odds and ends, knick knacks, and knick knacks with succulents growing in them. it makes for a rather wonderful spot to sit down and enjoy a fish taco or two while getting your sunburn on.

my crew of eaters got there right when ricky opened shop so there wasn't much of a wait to order. as we stood waiting for ricky to fry up some mouth watering pescado morsels, i got the opportunity to yap with him and watch him do his thang. during the course of our short convo, i learned that he might have to relocate, depending on an impending agreement that was yet to be made with the mi alma collective. but all hail to technology, any changes in location will be tweeted by ricky and he will continue to fry up these wonderful battered fish fillets for all to enjoy during the weekends.

excuse my tangent....but i love his mustache!

the fish taco ($2.50) is served with shredded cabbage sprinkled with diced jalapenos to add some heat. you have your choice of sauces but i decided to get saucy with the tomatillo one cuz i love my sauces mean and green.

omfg, HELLO! call me. YUM. wow. OOOOOOOOK....yes! the fish taco DID NOT disappoint. the batter mix he created was infused with herbs which added a pleasant fragrance to the taco. and the best thing about the batter was that once fried, it became the perfect casing for the fish fillet since it was thick enough to keep the delicate fish moist without any risks of overcooking AND it still retained a slight crunch to it when you bit into it. if it wasn't for the fact that i had already nibbled on something prior to ricky's, i could have probably inhaled another one or hundred more fish tacos.

flaky, crunchy, and moist, just what a fish taco was meant to be.

man he's good.

before i left, i wandered through the mi alma space and picked up this cute little dish holding a succulent fringed in red. i hope mi alma and ricky can continue their partnership because of their symbiotic relationship. look at me, i went in for a fish taco and walked away with a belly full of it AND a plant. hell yes i'm coming back again!

Ricky's Fish Tacos
4016 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90029
price: $
verdict: omg, i love it!
Ricky's Fish Tacos in Los Angeles on Fooddigger


  1. So it lives up to the hype?

    I want!

  2. I've been wanting to try Ricky's fish tacos for THE longest time! It looks so tasty.

  3. I always forget that I need to try Ricky's until someone blogs about it! Looks delish.

  4. sharon- the hype is justified. do check it out!

    christina- hehe, i know what you mean. i can walk to him AND it still took me this long. the tacos are a must try.

    marie- it was really yummy. the fried aspect makes it heavy on the tummy though and i know you're all healthy and whatnot :)

  5. I've been sort of avoiding reading this post because it's been far too long since I've had a Ricky's fish taco and knew it would evoke feelings of extreme eater's envy.

    Best fish tacos EVER.

  6. nice that the batter is well seasoned. sounds ike a great way to spend a nice weekend, must see if i can motivate to go east..

  7. Sweet! You went! :) Glad you enjoyed it

  8. diana- i agree, best fish tacos EVER.

    stuffycheaks- totally worth the least once...come on :)

    danny- don't know why it took me so was yum!

  9. I had RFT for the first time two months ago. It kind of made me regret all the fish tacos I had prior to it.


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