Sunday, May 23, 2010

world fare bustaurant parked in the middle of serious jubilation

from junction to jubilee, i think silverlakers are always ready for some sort of celebration, whether it be for music, art, diversity, or eco friendliness. never the party pooper, i took my usual suspects which included my ultra cute four legged doo doo, to the silver lake jubilee today. it was a rather mellow affair, being less crazy than saturday (so i heard) which was fine by me cuz the last thing i wanted to do is to set charlie down in the middle of a clusterfuck (<--my new favorite word. i want to use it all the time!). trust me, he can't handle it. although it was rather tame, there was more than enough people at the jubilee to keep it hopping.

one of the best parts of the jubilee were the zero waste initiatives and the emphasis on eco friendliness because being aware of your environment and what you can do to be greener in your consumption choices is a cause for serious jubilation. come on peoples, our planet is CHOKING.

i made a cool little planter out of a sprite bottle while i was at the eco village. what a great project for kids and big kids like me to remind ourselves to reduce, reuse, and recyle. it's hanging out on the porch of my wee house as i type. hope the basil seeds take root and i can harvest it for my pesto.

the jubilee also had a ton of food trucks, though the lesser known ones outnumbered the more noteworthy ones. i did spot a few that i recognized; frysmith, coolhaus, world fare bustaurant...ohh, world fare! gotta try it!

i decided to order the "bunny chow" combo ($10) which gave me a choice of two bunnies (short rib, bbq pork, curry chicken, or vegetarian chili). being the carnivore that i am, i opted for the short rib and bbq pork. the combo also came with a cookie and i was able to substitute the side of fries for the mac & cheese balls. oh score!

we went to the top level of the bus to eat and dogs were welcomed (i promised i asked for permission).

so bunny is definitely not chow for bunnies.

it's more like a small loaf of hollowed out bread that's subsequently filled with meats and curries (origination of this dish has been linked to migrant indian workers in south africa per wikipedia). think of it like a clam chowder bread bowl if you will...except that it's totally not :)

both the short rib and bbq pork gave great meaty bites with a suprising kick of heat, but the bread was rather disappointing. although i normally discard the bread bowl when i heif down clam chowder, in this situation it was a bit silly to eat only the meat and discard the carb shell because it's small so you eat it all damnit, you just do. i wish world fare would look into other breads since it's such a critical part of the chow and these current ones were stale and unappetizingly dry.

the mac and cheese balls on the other hand were sheer yum...particularly the ones with the truffle oil. i LOVE me some truffle oil and the truffle aroma hits the back of your throat and rises to your nose in the most delicious way. mmm, i would get these again for sure!

so all in all, it was a good day at the jubilee and now for my rant....

(insert rant)

i check out yelp once in a while and i find it hideous when folks try to correct people in how to spell "silverlake" by emphasizing that it is two words even though i and many long time residents continue to spell it SILVERLAKE...i've lived in SILVERLAKE for over 25 years and went to elementary school in this neighborhood. i grew up seeing business signs and print spelling "silverlake" as one word. is it spelled correctly according to the city? nope. is it spelled correctly according to the long time residents of this area? you bet. so if you see/read me, don't correct my spelling because i've lived here all my life and know this is how it is before spellcheck and bitchy folks that want you to divide silver and lake.

(rant over)

World Fare Bustaurant

price: $
verdict: it's aight
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  1. What elementary school did you go to? When did you graduate? What high school did you go to?

  2. I've always wondered if it's Silver Lake or Silverlake! My original inclination was to put "Silverlake," but then I kept seeing "Silver Lake," so thought I was wrong. I think I'm still kind of confused.

    I am not, however, confused about wanting to massacre some of those mac and cheese balls... yum!

  3. Sorry bout the bread, Bags! It was so nice when I ate it! Oh, well ;-) Trucks are so unpredictable!

  4. I say it every time, but your dog is the cutest.

  5. you should post that rant on yelp. or copy and paste it to the culprits!

  6. i've always thought it was silverlake.. being born and raised in l.a... i NEVER seen it any other way! lol

    btw those mac n cheese balls look heavenly!

  7. anon- hello stalker friend? definitely went to an elementary school in silverlake but geeked out and went to a magnet school out of the area for h.s. thank god cuz i was freaked out by marshall h.s. when i went there one summer for summer school.

    diana- according to the street signs and the city, the correct spelling is "silver lake" (two words). but my point is that the residents of this community has misspelled it for as long as i can remember which is why there's 2 different spellings floating around. it just gets my goat when "non-residents" or those that have recently "discovered" silverlake, make it a point to correct folks like me without knowing the history behind why silverlakers continue to make the mistake of putting these two words together. so what i'm really saying is, "bitches, don't try to correct me." haha.
    the truffle mac was goot!

    cathy- i totally recalled your post when i saw the truck so you've definetely influenced me and my belly. i trust your judgement and agree that food trucks are somewhat inconsistent. btw, they don't serve their food on those cool paper plates anymore :(

    sharon- charlie is an attractive, attractive dog. i love charlie like paula deen loves butter.

    monosodium glutamate- will do my friend, will do.

    helen- haha, seriously right?! and those mac and cheese balls...dangerous.


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