Monday, July 19, 2010

cane crack juice at the silverlake farmers market

i really love this time of year at the farmers market. the stone fruits are ripe and plenty of tomatoes are harvested for tomato lovas like me to enjoy. a quick walk to the silverlake farmers market on a saturday is a great way to get the much needed fruits and veggies to prevent scurvy for the week. that's right folks, i enjoy doling out public service announcements about scurvy prevention.

the stalls overfloweth with ripe peaches, pluots, and apricots. how dreamy, oh lucky pie hole!

i use to pick up a bag of these muy caliente pistachios too...until i found a muy caliente dead worm in the 2nd bag i bought. eek.

and if this heat wave has gotten you all hot and bothered, this little stall makes the silverlake farmers market kinda special because it quenches your thirst in a most delicious way.

i'm sure he pimps his cane crack juice at other farmers markets, but if you happen to be at silverlake anyways during farmers market saturday, then i strongly urge you to drop by and give raw cane juice a try. it's pretty gooooooood, complex flavors, soothingly sweet, and oh so refreshing.

Silverlake Farmers Market
3700 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026
(323) 661-7771
Between Edgecliff Dr & Maltman Ave (intersection of Griffith Park Blvd)

verdict: omg, i love it!


  1. ok thats gross that there was a worm in the package. I was afriad for a second you would post a photo of it. eek

  2. haha, how funny you said that. i did take a picture of it and would have posted it but seem to have misplaced the picture. you've been spared...ha!

  3. I'm loving all the farmer's market produce right now! I've made it a point to go every Sunday for my fill of nectarines and strawberries and sweet corn. So so good. I love summer. :)

  4. i love summer toooo!

    and i want me some of the crack juice!!!

  5. diana- the summer is the best for fruits. love it...except for sweltering heat.

    helen- the crack juice is goooot.

  6. the cane-er @ the machine's showing some crack!


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