Tuesday, July 6, 2010

i picked a dud at little dom's deli

one of the worse kinds of eating experiences, other than finding a roach in your food, is to pick the wrong item off of any menu while everybody else hits a gustatory jackpot. you know what i mean. while everybody smacks their lips praising what they ordered and devouring their said awesome item, you sit there picking through yours just WISHING you had ordered differently. perhaps you start whining a bit, attempt to play the pathetic card so others may offer you a morsel of theirs. OR if you're anything like me, you make do with what you have and burn this item in your memory as a NEVER-EVER-order-it-again item. fyi, my brain is full of these kinds of useless never-ever notes.

not too long ago, i ate at little dom's deli in los feliz which left me with one of those never-ever notes. this experience was rather disappointing given the good things i've heard about its mother restaurant, little dom's.

but back to the deli...the deli menu is rather diverse, with all kinds of interesting sounding salads, hot and cold sammiches, pastries, and a variety of deli meats and cheeses to go. after the usual "what are you getting?" discussions with my party of four, i ordered my truffled chicken salad & arugula sammich ($10.95). it was tough not to grab a package of these sweets as well.

when our sandwiches arrived and we all took our initial bites, i heard nothing but satisfied sighs around the table....except for me. ack, i picked a dud! dangit! this sammich looked great and i was allured by the "truffle" aspect of it, but the creamy chunks of chicken were severely underseasoned. in fact, i think a sweaty gym towel might have more flavor than this sandwich. not wanting to face the sad truth of picking the failed item in the group, i nabbed myself some salt to sprinkle on the sammich. it still did nothing for the overall taste of it *sigh*

not to mention that the bread was rather chewy. if i had dentures, then that's one issue, but my beaver-like teeth can bite off evander holyfield's other ear, but biting this bread it could not. i've never met such a tough piece of bread in my life. i left on my plate what i couldn't gnaw.

to be fair, everybody else in my group enjoyed their sandwiches and my dud of a sandwich does not bespeak of the the overall quality of this deli. but to also be honest, the plethora of dining choices out there and the tightness of my wallet does not afford me the luxury of giving many second chances so i probably won't come back. besides, parking in los feliz sucks :0

although i have no desire to go back to the deli, i have yet to partake in the offerings of the main restaurant, little dom's, and look forward to it. besides, they currently offer $15 monday suppers which intrigues my tastebuds and my wallet.

Little Dom's Deli
2128 Hillhurst Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 661-0055

price: $$
verdict: ?


  1. aight. we just had a BRILLIANT Monday supper last night @ Little Dom's. Since I'm like.. a month behind, I'd just tell you that don't get the $15 burger, but Monday is where Little Dom's shine. Beautiful people interaction out on the patio, a musician on the street, I brought the dog, and we just had a blast talking w/ our neighbors, drinking cheap beer, etc.

  2. I hate when I order wrong! I kind of take it personally - like I failed as a diner! Then again, none of the sandwiches should be duds, right?

  3. yikes. I would have ordered that too, based on the description. hope at least the cookies made up for it

  4. Aw... What a shame! Ordering poorly breaks my little food-loving heart.

  5. tony- i would have totally gotten the $15 burger. thanks for the warning. sounded nice...looking forward to it one of these mondays.

    diana- i know what you mean and i agree, all the sandwiches should be spot on.

    stuffycheaks- how do you deny truffle right? the belly needs no more cookies.

    cathy- ordering poorly especially in a group is torturous.

  6. Your first paragraph is amazing -- we've all been there.

    One of the greatest things about my husband is that we always trade or plates midway through our meal. :)

  7. awww that sucks!! i haven't been to little dom's yet, but when i go i'll be sure to never order that sandwich!

    lets try for monday supper nights!

  8. sharon- oooh, i love plate trades! too bad it's a little different when we go with friends who don't always want a taste of what you're eating.

    helen- the menu is online and it changes from time to try. let me know which one interests you and i'm down! woot! :)

  9. I hate it when I pick the wrong dish...or the wrong restaurant! Sadly I picked a dud in Little Italy in NYC. I didn't think that'd be possible! I would give the deli another shot in a few months!

  10. bianca- oh that sucks :( i feel ya.


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