Tuesday, September 7, 2010

margarita heaven at gilbert's el indio

this man knows his firewater.

he told me you can find it here, at gilbert's el indio in santa monica.

i listened cuz i am a recreational drunk. looking at all those glasses hanging in the air, i knew i wasn't alone and that they must lure people like me to their libations like lindsay lohan to crack.

i wrung my hands in anticipation once i placed my order. omg, wow. omfg wow! this is the best ice blended margarita ($4.50) that i've ever tasted! i want to bottle it up and nurse my margarita bottle throughout the day. would that be appropriate? yes!

though i would have been sloppy happy with just this drink, i decided an empty belly filled with firewater does a car accident make. i decided to ply myself with their complimentary chips cuz i lovee their spicy salsa and their tart pickled carrot slices which i pop into my mouth like chips.

my eating companion dared me to eat a red chili on top of the salsa on top of the chip. he thinks i'm tipsy from drinking the firewater and therefore gullible.

i told him to shove it and ordered the extra super mule ($8.95) instead. not earth shattering like the margarita, but it will do its job to keep your belly satiated. besides, the thirst induced by this monster sized mule will give you more than enough reasons to quench your thirst with MORE MARGARITA. yes please!

i really love gilbert's. i really do. i love the kitschy environment, the friendly staff, and those freakin' awesome margaritas even though the food is just so-so but i forgive thee. listen to me and listen to the man with the headdress, the firewater is goot so bring a wad of cash and prove us right.

Gilbert's El Indio Restaurant
2526 Pico Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90405
(310) 450-8057
price: $$
verdict: omg, i love it!
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  1. I love Gilberts El Indio! Never had "regular" food here though...only breakfast/brunch. Used to go almost every weekend when I was at UCLA. One of the things I miss about living on the westside.

  2. Hah I don't usually tequila-based "fire water," but you've got me kind of intrigued there, oh sage one. I do like blended beverages...

  3. pam- never had their breakfast foods...hmmmm...breakfast with a margarita sounds good!

    diana- man that margarita is good! holy crap.


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