Thursday, September 2, 2010

savoring savoy kitchen

it wasn't crowded. whut?!
i didn't have to wait. whut?!

whenever we drive by this place during peak chowing hours, i always see prospective diners waiting by the entrance as thick as flies for a chance to land a seat. this sight usually encourages me to push down harder on my gas pedal to go somewhere else....but lucky for us, it was actually slow and gosh darn it, i finally get to check savoy off my belly list!

we opted to sit outside to enjoy the warmth and to witness a fender bender that was narrowly averted. seriously, i have NO IDEA why reckless drivers always seem to drive expensive cars. what a waste. anyways, i gripped my iced cappuccino ($2) tightly in my hands and made a loud gasp. fortunately, the lady finally located her brake pedal and twisted metal was avoided.

ready to refocus our attention on the food, we started off with the shrimp rolls ($5.50) which were crispy and flaky with enough grease to leave a nice sheen on my lips. kissable? totally.

the three of us also shared the cold pasta salad with smoked duck ($7.75). this salad was cool to the mouth and pretty hearty for the belly. even though the extra carb load was unnecessary for this padded booty of mine, i enjoyed the way the pasta soaked up the dressing especially since i suspected that the dressing contained duck drippings amongst other ingredients. a total smash hit.

the belle of the ball and the main reason why people flock to savoy is their hainan chicken rice ($6.75). i growled a little when i found out there was an extra $2 charge for dark meat...oh come on now! who else but the asians would choose dark meat over breast meat and after looking around, there weren't a lot of breasts to be seen....$2 x a lot of asians....

anyways, i found this poached chicken to be rather salty and the ginger and chili sauce only enhanced its salty nature. although delicious, i couldn't eat more than a few pieces before my tongue abandoned ship for slightly less thirst inducing flavors. on the other hand, the rice cooked with chicken broth was delectable. although i was full to the brim and had to loosen my belt buckle not once, but twice, i.couldn't.stop.eating.the.rice. it was so good.

seriously, i would come back just for that rice and that salad. considering all the carbs that i fell in love with at savoy, in hindsight, i'm HAPPY that they are super busy because it just means i get to maintain my current pant size since i'm not willing to brave the wait.

Savoy Kitchen
138 E. Valley Blvd.
Alhambra, CA 91801
(626) 308-9535

price: $$
verdict: tasty, try it!
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  1. I'm not with it, I hadn't heard of this place before! Cold pasta salad with smoked duck? Very intriguing.

  2. WTH a 30% mark up for dark meat? that's shady. BUt i guess thats the price to pay for hainan chicken rice if you dont live in sg

  3. the rice is my faaaaavorite!! the chicken can be a hit or miss, but the rice.. is MONEY.

  4. i love me some a dat rice too! luckily, i live down the street so it's a little easier for me to get. because of the wait, i never eat there though. only call ahead take & out in 5 min!

  5. marie- there's some good stuff at this place. yum!

    stuffy- seriously right? i felt riiiiiiippped. i know it's just $2, but it's the principle of it all.

    helen- man, that rice makes fat carb lovers cry.

    pam- seriously, take out is the way to go with that place. good thing i don't live close by cuz i'd have to trade up my muumuu.

  6. Been to Savoy the 1st & only time I visited. Very good & another reason you go to the SGV if you're Asian. But I don't get high over Hainan chicken rice.
    And, you didn't see any breasts among the Asians? LoL!!

  7. cafe observer- haha, that joke was def intentional. glad it was not lost amongst my ramblings.

  8. I'm about to freeze 2 orders and ship this shit over to a friend in Chicago right before Yom Kippur. No joke.


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