Sunday, January 9, 2011

a breath of fraiche air

i am a belly of many, many words, but for this one, i want to shut my pie hole and share my pictures instead. thank you danny, aka kungfoodpanda for organizing yet another delicious meal for jackie, kate, remil, fiona, d, and moi to enjoy. but most importantly, thank you chef benjamin bailly for hitting another feast out of the ball park. it was truly delicious and i can't wait to come back to fraiche for more!

smoked trout rillettes ($8) and pate on bread to tease the tastebuds.

baby beets ($13). baby let me beat you into a delicious pulp in my mouf.

frisee aux lardons with oeuf pane ($14). do not be intimidated by the deep fried hard boiled egg. this salad is rather delicious and i remember you fondly since our first meeting at petrossian. hello love. did you miss me?

belgian endives ($14). i would ABSOLUTELY get this again. crispy and savory. almost perfect.

crispy loup de mer ($28). perfectly cooked and crispy in all the right places.

seared daurade royale ($28) on a lovely bed of farro. if i was a dead fish, i would choose a farro death bed as well.

pan roasted scallops ($26) on smooth cauliflower puree. it's so smooth, it's criminal.

kobe beef cheeks with celery root puree ($28). tender are thy cheeks. i want to pinch thee with the tines of my shiny fork.

moulard duck confit ($26). i loosened my belt buckle for this one. absolutely satisfying and the creamy fregola sarda was 100% ooh la la addictive.

truffle spaghetti (off menu item). effin' brilliant. this dish will drive your nose into a tizzy. the smell of truffles was truly intoxicating and left my head spinning in a lovely way.

sunchokes risotto ($18) with an off menu serving of truffles. omfg. there goes the truffles again. i was under a truffle voodoo and i didn't care one bit to break the spell.

green peas ravioli (off menu item). sweet little pockets for my big mouth.

rabbit garganelli ($22). yes, those really cute, fuzzy wabbits make a good dish.

hand cut maltagliati ($19) with pork ragu.

by the time dessert came out, i was already rolling about from an overly satisfied belly. the desserts were lovely indeed.

chestnut tiramisu ($9) and manjari chocolate pot de creme ($8)

meyer lemon ($8) and caramel pot de creme ($8)

pistachio creme brulee with apricot sorbet ($9). the sorbet was out of control. might i suggest apricot sorbet with a fresh heaping of fruit and make it its own dessert? soooo good.

panettone bread pudding ($9)

chocolate tart with tres leches gelato ($10)

chocolate coulant with peanut butter ice-cream ($12)

apple and pear clafoutis ($9)


9411 Culver Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232
(310) 839-6800
price: $$$
verdict: omg, i love it!
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  1. so much food! but great pictures :)

  2. Such nice pics! Mine are too tragic to post. :P

  3. Nice post Amy. Makes me hungry again just looking at your pics.

  4. Awwwww, yeah! Hey Bailly Bitch, after our brunch on the 29th we should make plans to return for dinner again!!!


  5. I think Ben Bailly is single-handedly ensuring that the LA blogger population will never ever go hungry.

    I think I'm okay with that. :)

  6. Love the pictures. Love how much you ate. Love you.

  7. wow truffle pasta. I really really enjoyed fraiche. need to go back sooner than later

  8. Man I really want to try that truffle spaghetti and the sunchokes risotto. Looks great. Didn't get it last time...must...return.

  9. christina- thank you! and yes, it was a lot of food...yikes.

    danny- always great to nosh with you.

    sharon- we had some light because we were inside. perhaps this calls for another trip back? :)

    remil- thank god these pictures are calorie free. man i can't believe the amount we heifed down....

    cathy- yay, can't wait!!

    diana- chef bailly is also insuring a surge in plus size clothing sales :0 hahaha...

    misty- *blushing* i see you're a chubby chaser :)

    stuffy- the truffle pasta was TO DIE FOR. the fragrance just tickled my good.

    darin- yes, you must go back for all the truffle offerings. hope chef bailly puts them on the menu.

  10. Hi The Roaming Belly, I'm Tara from, I would love to share your photo of the truffle spaghetti on my blog--of course with credit to your site for your publicity. Is this okay with you? Please let me know! Thanks- The Tara List


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