Sunday, January 2, 2011

pregnant with pastrami at langer's delicatessen-restaurant

it is pretty ballsy when one says they are the "best" at something. case in point, j-lo had the "best ass" not too long ago, but then kim kardashian busts into the scene hinny first and now touts the best booty on the block. methinks it's better not to call something "best" just so there's less pressure. the higher the expectations, the further the fall for your round buttocks. the whole point is that the term "best" is purely subjective so whatever i say next is just my opinion ok....

langer's in westlake makes the best pastrami sandwiches. there, i just used the word "best."

they also have the best cream soda ($2.95). THERE, i used that "b" word again.

the matzo ball soup ($3.25) was pretty darn good too. not the best, but close to it, like a stepsister of the best. the soup tasted like it had simmered for hours and was as potent as 80 chickens boiled in one stock pot. a spoonful might make you cluck uncontrollably...i dare you to try it for yourself you naysayer.

ohhh...and the best pastrami sandwich ($14.45) ever, the wicked #19. though this is not my first visit to langer's, i am always drawn to this sandwich like a moth to a flame a la janet jackson. HOWEVER, i do plan to take a serious look at the menu next time and order something else. ahh, new year, new promises.

#19 = unctuous slabs of pastrami with a chilled mound of slaw with russian style dressing and a slice of swiss cheese between uber crusty slices of rye bread. the marriage between these ingredients was just magical i tell ya, magical.

so the best pastrami sandwich can be had here at langer's and though the hours are limited, between 8am-4pm monday through saturday, i urge you to make the trek out to westlake if you haven't already to try what may be deemed as the BEST pastrami sandwich in l.a...according to many sources...the most reliable one being my belly.

you can even call for curb side service if you can't find parking in their small private lot on alvarado and westlake. BUT i urge you, DO make the effort. once you take a bite out of their pastrami offerings, i'm sure you won't be able to resist the lure of langer's pastrami on a consistent basis and you will see that your buttocks will grow just as thick and as round as kim kardashian's.

Langer's Delicatessen-Restaurant
704 S. Alvarado St.
Los Angeles, CA 90057
(213) 483-8050
price: $$
verdict: omg, i love it!
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  1. 2011 will be the year I have my first pastrami on rye at Langer's. And it will be the best I've ever had. Because it will be the only one I've ever had.

  2. Diana! How have you not had a pastrami sandwich?!

    I like the #10, but I think you guys know that already. ;)

  3. diana- 2011 WILL be the year of the pastrami for you. they also have choices for leaner cuts of pastrami because the bites i had were pretty fatty. but then again, me like fat.

    sharon- haha! i saw your tip on foursquare! i truly hesitated for a second and contemplated #10. next time!

  4. I haven't been to Langer's either. Shame on me! This place looks great and I'm totally getting a cream soda!

  5. i haven't been to langers in SOOOOOO long... can we all please go together? i get the #10 too! but, seriously, it's been way too long for me...

  6. cathy and helen- langer's is so dang good. i'm always up for some good ole pastrami!


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