Monday, May 23, 2011

hawai'i: spamming at mitsu-ken

like the guy you never thought you would end up falling for...maybe too short, too fat, too hairy, farts too much...i too, didn't think i would fall for spam as hard as i have. oh man SPAM. canned meat pumped full of sodium?! who would have thunk that i would be so smitten by gelatinous pink meat in a can...but that was before i had my first taste of spam musubi about 10 years ago so visiting hawai'i was as much about searching for relaxation as it was about looking for the perfect bite of spam musubi.

with this mission in mind, we were lucky to have found mitsu-ken early into our trip, thanks to a quick tweet from julian informing me about this small stand across the street from helena's. but after such a heavy meal at helena's, my first visit to mitsu-ken was a tentative one so i walked away from this tiny storefront with only one spam musubi in hand.

but literally, after one hefty bite of the spam musubi, a tidal wave of regret rushed in. why didn't i get more? how am i suppose to share just one? does d really need a taste? can we head back there now? WHY THE HECK DID I JUST BUY ONE I AM SUCH AN IDIOT!

so the following day, i was determined not to deal with food regrets from the day before. i picked up a mitsu-ken bento ($6) which consisted of garlic chicken, teri beef, a slice of spam, half a hot dog, egg omelet, and rice with furikake on top for lunch. everything on the plate had a sweet note to it, but since i tend to like sweet/savory foods, this whole bento box was right up my alley. EXTREMELY delicious.

and of course, the spam musubi ($1.25). it was everything i wished a spam musubi would be. it had the right amount of rice (not too much, not too little) and the right amount of saltiness and sweetness from the spam and soy sauce. although relatively easy to make, the "perfect" spam musubi bite can be rather elusive, but mitsu-ken smacked these flavor profiles right on the head. all you have to do is look at my leaning tower of spamisa to see how much i adored them.

sun, sand, spam. i'm hella coming back to this one! and next time, we're doubling up the spamisa to 10. ha! :0

1223 N. School Street
Honolulu, HI 96817
(808) 848-5573

price: $
verdict: holy shit!
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  1. Mmmmmmm SPAAAAAM. Anything with spam is love. That musubi looks so good!

  2. michelle- YUP, so good! one of the most underrated products ever.

  3. oh man this just made me so hungry and i don't even love spam, but spam musubi so good! wonder where to get this in LA?

  4. Ono grindz! I love Spam too. I can't wait to return to Hawaii and follow your footsteps.

  5. I think I could dig spam too. I don't eat it very often. :)

  6. I love spam. Used to put it all up in my ramen as a kid. I should start doing that again.

  7. oh how i miss hawaii and their awesome bentos.

    i wish 7-11 was just as delicious as it is over there. :\

  8. nastassia- ono is pretty good. my first one is at shakas. but man, the ones at mitsu-ken...those were panty droppers :0

    cathy- yay! hawai'i. loves it and i can't wait to see what new eats you sniff out as well.

    danny- whut?!

    andi?- oooh, do you fry it up a little first? salt in salt...loves :p

    kish- if mitsu-ken bentos were here, i would be a happy belly.

  9. I'm super late to this comment party, but their garlic chicken is SO fugging good!


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