Tuesday, July 19, 2011

carmela ice cream cools down pasadena one spoonful at a time

perhaps you cool down by diving into a pool, but for fatties like me, i just eat ice cream...and lots of it....wearing my shorts....with my sandals on so i can get that thong strap tan on my feet that i sooooo love to top off my summer look. so naturally, when delicious sounding ice cream joints pop up on my radar such as cathy's post about carmela ice cream in pasadena, i was totally hooked in to try. i.want.that.salted.caramel.dangit.

the flavors they have are rather extensive and they do allow you to have a taste of their various offerings, but after the 3rd tiny spoonful, my asian guilt settled in and i stopped myself from tasting all eleven flavors. i also recommend that you go earlier rather than later because as you can see, the last thing you want is a bold mean line running across the flavor you craved. sucka.

they do sell other goodies...cake pops, ice cream sandwiches, and other cakey sweets....

but the real deal, the cold calling that lead me to pasadena was their handmade, organic dairy ice cream. i decided to get one scoop which they then allowed me to split into two flavors and got the salted caramel on the bottom and the brown sugar vanilla bean on top. and to take this sweet deal to the next level, they make this crazy delicious waffle cone/waffle in a cup that gives you a most buttery crunch when you bite it.

i really enjoyed spooning my ice cream from the bottom up, mixing the two flavors together. but the best bite of all was a piece of sweet waffle slightly softened by the melted ice cream with a bit of blended salted caramel and brown sugar vanilla bean still clinging to it. but i warn you, eat this delicious yet rich ice cream in moderation lest you want some engorged fat cells clinging to your chunky thighs as well. that is all.

Carmela Ice Cream
2495 E. Washington Blvd.

Pasadena, CA 91104

(626) 797-1405

price: $
verdict: tasty, try it!
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  1. I only recently tried Carmela for the first time and fell in love on the spot.

  2. I heard they offer ice cream classes too!

  3. Oh yeah! I'm stoked to have Carmela so close to home. Girl, holla at me the next time you crave a hit and I'll meet you there :-)

  4. i love Carmela! i haven't been to this store yet but I do enjoy them at the HFM and when they used to carry a few flavors at Sweets for the Soul. I must make a fatty trip to Pasadena and enjoy some salted caramel. And i'm in agreement with you who needs pools when you can cool off with loads of ice cream :)

  5. darin- you're a skinny man so you can indulge...like three cartons at once...hey, wait, i think you have!

    gastrophoria- ice cream classes?! that's like great horrible news :/

    cathy- i will probably run around the block like 10 times before i give you a holla...i hope you don't mind sweat stank.

    nastassia- i bet you some person out there is eating ice cream IN the pool.


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