Thursday, August 18, 2011

wolvesmouth makes me howl

kids in school call cutting in line "front cuts," but when i was able to bypass the 2,500+ people on the wolvesmouth waitlist by being kung food panda's plus one, i called that move "booyah!"

so here's the deal. check out wolvesmouth's website, get intrigued, and then submit an email to them saying that you're interested in attending while simultaneously praying to the lord hoping that you do get picked. then you wait for a loooooong time (don't hold your breath) and perhaps you will be one of those lucky 12 diners that month to get THE email for a night of wolvesmouth grubbing...kinda like this:

bring lots of wine. the more the better.

then meet craig thornton, the wolf, and watch him work his magic.

butter, lova.

slightly crispy pan-fried brioche. time to loosen the belt. it will be a long night.

corn soup with cotija, aleppo gelee, lime, and a corn fritter. a bowl of sublimely sweet and smooth corn soup with the corniest fritter accompaniment ever. i wished i stole a few when i saw them sitting there looking lonely and delicious.

corn fritters.

a BEAUTIFUL peach, nectarine, chorizo piquillo puree, almond, basque cheese, chorizo, and sherry gastrique on a bleach white plate. one of my faves of the night. deceptively simple, but oh so complex in flavor. a harmony of sweet, salty, and spicy flavor profiles.

Smelt, fried green tomato, buttermilk ranch.

a bowl of squash blossom, marscapone zucchini duxelles, melon, baby squash, and balsamic. a sophisticated reminder of summer's offerings.

tuna, tomato, basil buds, uliva olive oil, wasabi peas, with white soy. the fragrance emitted from this dish was truly intoxicating and i discovered a newfound love for basil buds.

potato, chive, crème fraîche with sneaky lobster pieces hidden underneath the creamy mound. the consistency reminded me of poi due to its viscous nature and the taste was strangely familiar...cuz it really reminded me of lay's sour cream and onion potato chips! no seriously. one word: mutherfuckindelicious. we had to take a break after that one.

next up was the pork cheek, baby cabbage, caramelized onion, dill, pretzel pieces, and mustard.

an electric green cucumber slush to cleanse my palate. how fun considering how a normal palate cleansing routine generally calls for a toothbrush.

lamb, turkish eggplant, watermelon cucumber, watermelon tartare, yogurt, and rosemary. we were all smitten by the cute little watermelon cucumbers and i almost expected a little smurf to strut across my plate and climb over my lamb to grab the watermelon cucumber for their picnic.

mulberry, elderberry, fig, salted brown butta la creme, and croquant. i was officially enamored with the wolf after this one. kung food panda RAVES about wolvesmouth's desserts and i was not disappointed. the sweetness of the dish was tempered by the sour flavors of the berries and the crunch you expect from the bottom of your ice cream cone was nicely represented by the croquant.

cherry sherbet, almond cake, cherry pop rocks, almond cream will send any fruit lover into a dessert high. if not, the cherry pop rocks will at least set your mouth a poppin'.

alas, the dinner concluded with satiated round bellies and a donation of what you feel the meal was "worth" using red envelopes that they provide. but in all seriousness, the amazing meal was worth every bit of the wolvesmouth hype that was fed to me. thank you kung food panda for the invite, and remil, weezermonkey, eleana, and alex for providing the verbal entertainment of the night. and of course, thank you craig for being uh-mazing!


price: $$$$
verdict: omg, i love it


  1. Your pictures rock! I'm so glad we got to experience this together!

  2. Thanks for being my +1! I'm really glad you enjoyed your first Wolvesmouth experience! :)

  3. You are one damn lucky woman! Glad the 'Den treated you well ;-)

  4. sharon- it was great to see you there!

    danny- always hook me up!

    marie- front cuts, woot!

    nastassia- the desserts were just off the charts...loved them!

    cathy- the den was all kinds of awesome. really enjoyed my experience there.

  5. I'm finally reading this because, yes I've made my way through your archives. There are lots of places I've bookmarked to try tii! I love your sense of humor.

    Plus your dog Charlie is uber cute. Adding you to my blogroll, yay!

    - E

  6. eleana- thanks girrrl. how sweet and kind of you to go through my verbal diarrhea and still have nice things to say about it :) yes, charlie is a super sexy beagle.


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