Wednesday, January 4, 2012

a beagle birthday: happy birthday charlie brown!

totally dressed to party with his homemade party hat, minus the fallen bow tie.

my little beagle turned 3 today. in dog years, he can legally drink and find himself a whore, but in my household, he just gets a little doggy berfday cake...a carrot/apple sauce birthday cake with cream cheese/apple sauce frosting to be exact. sounds yum enough right?

it was an easy batter and didn't take much effort, especially with my handy dandy kitchenaid mixer. 1/2 hour later, it was out of the oven and onto a rack to be cooled off while charlie and my other two dogs circled around me like vultures in the kitchen.

once frosted, i decorated the cake with a simple number 3 in carrot slivers for charlie's new age. i would have been more creative with my cake decorations if time permitted, but i had humans to feed as well. since the dogs get homemade cake, the humans got prime rib, cheesy smashed potatoes, garlic spinach, and tomato pine nuts salad with a balsamic vinaigrette for dinner. crazy yummy if i must say so myself. it IS a party after all.

after the humans ate and our bellies bulged unattractively with the grub, it was time to slice into the cake! the anticipation must have slayed my furry by one. *wimper* charlie was so excited, he started shmeeing (this noise he makes through his nose. rather annoying actually...thank god he's cute!).

"drop it momma...please?"

he was smacking his beagle lips as i took my pics. give me a sec charlie! sheesh!

but his excitement built into an unbearable surge of energy (and defiance) because he sprung up to snatch the piece of cake out of my hands and gobbled it as quickly as he could, smacking his lips furiously as i watched in surprise. then i remembered it was his berfday after all so all was forgiven...dang dog.

of course lucy and bronx got to share in the cake eating as well and they LOVED it. ok, so i know dogs will eat anything, but i really think they were particularly excited about this cake based on their frenzied behavior after their first must be good right?! right.

it was good times and i look forward to baking many, many more berfday cakes for my sweet pups. happy birthday charlie brown!


  1. OMG, the picture with the tongue. I love this dog so much. Happy birthday!

  2. Cutest dog ever!

  3. LOVED this post! Happy birthday, Chaz! And great job on the cake, Amy.

  4. OMFG you are so cute ... you threw him a legit birthdy party complete with a full meal! Though I'm sure he would have liked to partake in the prime rib as well ...

  5. WM- charlie says "woof!" translated means: "thank you so much, i love being loved!"

    anon- that's right, cutest dog EVER!

    cathy- thanks! i'm like a dog treats making machine :P

    eleana- haha, he DID partake in a bit of the prime rib. can't have the guest of honor eating any less than the meaty best :)

  6. Would you mind posting or sending me the dog cake recipe? I have a dog b-day coming up!

  7. anon- here's the link to the dog cake recipe! sorry for the delay...been super busy! let me know how everything went...good luck :P

  8. omg love the picture of him licking his lips waiting for the cake! love that you made a doggy bday cake so cute!


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