Wednesday, February 1, 2012

drooling for fish curry at bhanu

i drool for many things. chocolate, diamonds, leather bags... and this coconut fish curry ($9.99) dish at bhanu indian grocery & cuisine in san gabriel. yes, indian food in SAN GABRIEL, the mecca of east asian eating...i kid you not. imagine these tender pieces of fish swimming in a thick curry sauce spooned over some rice. such a delicious, hearty bite and a must order when you're there. do it, i promise you that there will be some kind of party, somewhere in your mouth when you taste it.

the garlic naan ($2.50) was also a great way to sop up the fish curry. it was just garlicky enough to fend off the nearest vampire or bad date.

the papadam ($2.25) was an airier version of a thin, crispy cracker. two dipping sauces were provided for our nibbling pleasure.

the aloo bangan ($6.99) was a win with the tender eggplant and potatoes. great balanced flavors and another favorite dish at our table.

the tandoori chicken ($11.99) was exceptionally juicy and flavorful. the chicken was well seasoned and a must order when you're there. the steam rising from the chicken was absolutely mesmerizing...and this picture kinda makes me drooly again. *wipe*

the vegetable biryani ($8.99) was deliciously flavorful and a great accompaniment to the curry and chicken. i definitely think in this context, vegetable biryani > plain white rice.

the aloo mutter ($6.99) was less interesting than its dishmates, but still quite tasty. in general, it was on the mushier side and may not appeal to those with teeth. just sayin'.

bhanu indian grocery and cuisine is a great, chillaxing place with just the right amount of flavors to make your tastebuds skip a beat. if you are in the area and crave sustenance not found in a bowl of noodles or dumplings, then i suggest you drop by bhanu for a tasty treat.

Bhanu Indian Grocery and Cuisine
7246 Rosemead Blvd.
San Gabriel, CA 91775
(626) 291-2101

price: $$
verdict: tasty, try it!
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  1. What a find! Who woulda thought there'd be yummy Indian food in the heart of San Gabriel? Cool!

  2. I like this place. My co-workers and I go often for lunch. The lunch specials come in school-cafeteria-like trays with different compartments.

  3. Also odd is that there's good Indian at Manohar's Delhi Palace in the City of Industry. They've got a very good lunch buffet (Mon.-Sat., about $12/person).

  4. Oooo right down the street from me. Now I can stop driving to Cerritos ...

  5. cathy- that's what i's also right next TJ so you can eat then grocery shop :P

    sharon- lucky. i dream of days when i can actually go out for lunch *sigh*

    meowmi- city of industry eh? i love stumbling upon hidden gems!

    eleana- totally...and you drove to cerritos?! far lady, far....

  6. this place sounds incredible! and that garlic naan looks so good i'm drooling!

  7. nastassia- carbs dressed with garlic are drool inducers indeed.


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