Wednesday, June 10, 2009

fancy pancy dogs

Let's Be Frank

price: $
verdict: it's aight

in our world of material excess, it is inevitable that the glorification of mundane things become a profitable fad. bougie burgers and haughty hot dogs are created to justify an inflated price for a common item. do they always taste better? not really, but the masses continue to buy these elite products even though after you strip away all the fancy shmancy truffle oils and kobe beef, it is still but a burger or a dog. woof. i am too practical to be blown away by some of the fancy pants tom foolery when it comes to my belly.

while at the barnsdall wine tasting event, my insides churned from being uber hungry and slightly queasy after drinking on an empty stomache. as the hot dog gods would have it, there parked a lovely hot dog truck. by no means did i think "danger dog" because it obviously looked too fancy for that, but i did proceed with caution because i'm not a cash carrying gal and 5 bucks can hardly get you a good meal nowadays. besides, it's a truck with fancy graphics and logos which screamed out "eellliiiiiiiittte." i was not expecting much other than wallet rapes.

the wallet raping was done by this nice looking lady sue moore. she is a co-founder of this dog on wheels. very friendly, chatty, and it's obvious that she's use to food bloggers. when i asked her for a pic, she quickly bent down for a vogue shot. just as quickly, she went back to filling out hot diggity dog orders.

for your $5, there are 3 dogs to choose from; the regular dog, the brat dog, and the "spicy" dog. i ended up choosing this albino looking brat dog served with sweetened butter pickles and grilled onions. i can only offer you a sigh as i bid farewell to $5 and got an ok tasting hot dog in return. there is a snap, but the brat dog was too thin, the pickles were too sweet, and the buns weren't toasted enough. i felt bamboozled!

i was also able to try the "spicy" dog. the good thing about hanging out with folks that don't have cooties is the option of trying their food as well. my friend ordered that so i was able to take a few huge bites short of consuming the whole thing. i thought this dog was slightly tastier than the brat one and if you REALLY want to try let's be frank, this is definitely the better choice.

so let me be frank with you. i understand grass fed, all natural beef commands a premium price, but i also eat spam on occasion a la spam musubi so i'm clearly driven by taste and not err, other things (though i appreciate the folks that do). i won't knock your stance on healthy food choices, but to tell you this is the best hot dog i've tasted in my life is a lie. other than getting tipsy from my wine and enjoying a kickass evening at barnsdall, the hot dog didn't do much for me. will it for you?


  1. will it for me? no. i keeps it reals too. the truck is very cute though. wish i had one to roll around in.

  2. "bougie burgers and haughty hot dogs"
    i lurve it!

  3. yutjangsah- i'm sure you can trade in your car for a hot dog truck ;) roll in style baby.

    sinh- i see you are a fan of alliteration. and woot woot for you first comment on my belly blog! :)


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