Wednesday, June 17, 2009

the ice cream hunt

Coolhaus Ice Cream

price: $
verdict: it's aight

ah yes. the hunter and gatherer roots we had back when food use to run away from us is so passe. the thought of chasing after my food never ever crosses my mind. when i'm hungry, i go to a restaurant. if i'm highly motivated, i might go to a grocery store, buy the right ingredients, and then cook my own meals. i have never been denied a full belly just because i can't outrun my meal and then kill it dead. the hunting days are long gone....or is it?

for the past few months, the hottest kinds of eats are those that i term the "twitter trucks." the procedure is as follow:

1) you twitter their location
2) you find that they will be in your area
3) you get kinda excited because you like hyped up anything and hyped up food is all the rage right now.
4) you find them..but sometimes they don't get to the said location on time or change locations last minute, HENCE twitter is CRITICAL for the timing of it all lest you want to beat your head in frustration.
5) then you stand in a line for an hour
6) only to be able to buy one taco because they ran out of food.

this was not my experience with kogi, but for some of yous, it was....sucka! i mean awww....

why are so many people nowadays hunting their food? why has it spawned so many copy cats? after hunting down kogi, perhaps you now want to hunt down your dessert? hello, meet coolhaus ice cream truck. the dude hanging by the truck window isn't one of the founders. i think he's one of the amigos.

this one is. her name is freya estreller, the co-founder. she likes to say "fuck" a lot.

the coolhaus "hook" is selling all natural, homemade ice cream sammiches. no tacos or hot dogs...just straight up ice cream sammiches. i found out they were at barnsdall so i drove there to check them out. once you've successfully hunted them down, you:

1) choose your cookie. the choices are sugar, chocolate, chocolate chip, ginger, and oatmeal cookies. i got the oatmeal cookies...mmm.
2) choose the ice cream. the choices are strawberry, mint chip, vanilla, lemon, and cinnamon. i got the mint chip one.
3) decide whether you want the edible rice wrapper. i did because i'm a sucka.

an ice cream sammich is $3. if you include the rice wrapper, it goes up a whopping 50 cents. due to lack of change on their part, i told them to keep my $4 so the rest went towards tip.

the cookies were good, but not extraordinary. sweet, chewy, with some crunchy parts. the mint chip ice cream was sweet and smooth and pretty yummy. definitely better quality than what you might pick up at ralphs, but it is by no means awesome. and the size of this sammich is slightly bigger than a slider at a (insert fast food chain name) restaurant. but for $3 and the legwork you have to do to get it, i would not hunt this ice cream truck again. ...

the ice cream trucks you're used to chasing down back in da days when it meant running up or down the street to buy your pac man ice cream with the bubblegum eyes might seem outdated, BUT i still think that kind of ice cream truck is far cooler than this one. don't get me wrong, the sammich was tasty, but the price tag and the hassle to get it was not worth the effort. if you chance upon it, do try it, but don't go on a hunt for it you silly wabbit!


  1. i consider this a public service announcement. thank you. i will not be chasing coolhaus despite the awesome bauhaus like name and the totally bitchen brinks truck lookin' truck. btw, i had an og diddy reese on wed. tastee.

  2. (calamari) hey, i know a couple of fools who chase down some taco truck, wait over hour for a truck that showed up late and ended up with one taco, while people at the beginning of the line had unlimited helpings. bastards!

  3. yutjangsah- cool looking can only go so far...diddy reese is da bomb. holla!

    calamari- i think i know which fools you are talking about. tisk, tisk.

  4. I've finally spotted this truck a few weeks back. Not chasing it. I didn't end up with any. They're just ice cream sammies! not even in shape of houses! so sad!

  5. sammiches!

    Uh, yeah, I would probably go to scoops or diddy rieses for my ice cream instead. Ice cream trucks really are only good when you're at a park on a hot day and one just appears when you need it most.

    I never hunted the Kogi trucks.. I only got it when it just happened to be there. I think it tastes better that way. When you chase it all over town and wait an hour it never lives up to the hype.

  6. tony- you are right about that...they don't look like houses. false advertising!

    acfromdc- you are a wise man. i want to capture your wisdom and put it in a fortune cookie...please?


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