Sunday, June 21, 2009

oink goes bagnatic!

Granada Mexican Restaurant
1100 W Victory Blvd
Burbank, CA 91506
(818) 843-0313

price: $$
verdict: not worth my time

hungry, hungry, hungry. my belly sang these words to me over and over again so i stopped by granada because i was on my way to something else. what i can't eat there, i can take elsewhere was my thought. it was a belly emergency and it couldn't be denied.

the ordering process was grueling at best. bless the lady's heart that took down my order but she seriously had no idea what she was doing because a spicy meatball soup and a burrito in ranchera sauce to go ended up being $30. wtf? 11 plus 6 rounding up equals....HEY, wait a minute! she quickly fixed it though, but by then i had already started gnawing on my fingers because i was so hungry. my pinky was already consumed and i was working on my ring finger. the maddening hunger continued.

once the food came out all packed to go, i rushed to my destination, ripped off the packaging and discovered a trough. perhaps in the literal moment of being hungry like a pig, alfredo's granada interpreted my hunger with a trough-like to go container that had no borders which meant the beans and the rice and the ranchera sauce mixed itself up into a hot mess. it was unappetizing to look at and to top off this insult, the food was mediocre at best. the rice was tasteless and mushy (I WONDER WHY?! *cough, cough*) the burrito had a very sparse serving of meat and what WAS there was fatty. given the fact that the beans had already runneth over, i could not distinguish much of the taste between all the items. i was not enjoying my meal at all but i ate it like prison food, knowing my next meal won't be coming anytime soon.
the alfredo rachera burrito trough.

a fork in a trough is like a pig in a blanket. it just makes NO sense.

so i went to sleep with this full stomach of mine...all mushy from a mushy dinner and dreamt about being a pig which crazily didn't seem too bad because i could sleep the whole day and take amazing mud baths for my skin. thanks alfredo. thanks for confirming what i had known all along. i am quite the pig. oink.


  1. haha i think it's in a trough so you can do a faceplant in it

  2. hey, see, you can do math. you know a burrito combo shouldn't cost $30. btw, maybe i'm just really hungry right now but it doesn't look all bad.

  3. sinh- my snout would not have survived this molten lava faceplant.

    yutjangsah- if we also eat with our eyes as well, then my eyes would have barfed from the looks of this trough. just sayin'.....

  4. okay with "sober" aka non-hungry eyes, this does look like a superfund site.

  5. sober eyes keeps you out of trouble yutjangsah!


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