Sunday, October 18, 2009

i'll drag you to drago

the best kinds of happy hours are the ones that you have when you're on vacation. this past friday was such a day. i collected a group of borkers (buddies/coworkers) and reminded myself that even though i'm not currently working, i still deserve to reward myself with some yummy drinks. mmmmm.....

drago centro is such a place to reward oneself with drinks. the space is modern and sleek for loungers, workers, or bums with change in their pockets like me with time to chillax.

happy hora goers have a communal table for drinking and eating inside, or seats in their covered patio for comfortable lounging purposes. we decided to seat ourselves at the communal table though it reminded me of my hong kong travel abroad days when i was forced to share table space with strangers ALL THE TIME. it's not like i can't do it, but i like my own space bitches! besides, communal tables means odd seating arrangements and fitting in where you can. do i look like a puzzle piece to you?! i don't like that.

i immediately started off with their delectable passione drink (all cocktails are $5, beers at $4, and wines were $5-$6). yummmy lychee, vodka, and peach flavors swimming in a martini glass. sweet, fruity tastes that makes you feel fuzzy like a peach. i didn't even work that day but i felt like i deserved it. actually, i always deserve vodka.

we shared a few things amongst us borkers for nibbling purposes. a due of kobe sliders with mushrooms ($7). so cute to look at, i just wanted to pinch their buns. tasty.

the summer truffle and mushroom pizza ($4). crispy.

fried boobs circa madonna's "vogue" days also known as saffron risotto fritters ($5). they were not popular amongst my borkers. i thought they tasted aight but they won't be repeated again.

bruschetta di mare ($3). an odd piece of anchovy sits on a bed of sweet tomato marmalade. i did not enjoy this. the diced tomatoes were way too sweet and the anchovy was too fishy to cut the sweetness effectively. it's like swishing a goldfish and jam in your mouth. does that sound pleasant to you?

i round house kicked the end of happy hora with the messicano which has a tequila base, lime juice, and orange bitters. loved this as well. i have yet to meet a glass of tequila that i didn't like, but then again, tequila has always been quite friendly to me.

i have a feeling that drago will lure me back with their cocktails, so delicious they were. although the food was a hit or miss, there were some nice nibblies to accompany the tasty drinks. and again, happy hour with validated valet is always a plus, plus in downtown l.a.

Drago Centro
525 S Flower StSte 120
Los Angeles, CA 90071
(213) 228-8998

price: $$
verdict: tasty, try it!
Drago Centro on Urbanspoon


  1. Oh man, this is super close to me. Drag me to Drago next time! It looks like a good happy hour.

  2. goldfish and jam no good. tequila is devil juice. drago is the bomb. the end.

  3. alex, you are that close? you = lucky man. next time, i drag you by the ear.

    yjs- tequila makes fire in belly. too much tequila makes mouth throw up lava.


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