Saturday, October 10, 2009

once in a while, i shave :0

Get Shaved
(818) 439-1053

price: $
verdict: it's aight

when i see a kogi truck, i think of the movie "joe's apartment," not cuz it's a roach coach, but because a swarm of twitter trucks usually tries to follow it which leads me to think of a swarm of roaches. i know, i make the weirdest connections. since the kogi truck has a bigger following amongst nomadic feeders, it's advantageous for other twitter trucks to go where the crowd goes especially if they have problems drumming up business on their own. at least then, they can sell some of their wares to some kogi fans. yup, that's what i think.

today kogi showed up at the silverlake flea market. my sis said they had a great tres leches dessert and charlie needed a walk anyways so we headed in that direction. oh my, what did we see?! three twitter trucks in a row: get shaved, kogi, and coolhaus ice cream truck. it was such a bizarre sight.

anyways, kogi ran out of dessert (boo!)...since last night. OH COME ON NOW...lame. since i didn't want to eat any savory items from them, we decided to check out "get shaved" instead. a-ha! another twitter truck to check off the list. this truck specializes in hawaiian style shaved ice.

hi there lady! she works for the dude that you see in the 1st pic wearing shorts. he was being interviewed by a usc student about the twitter truck phenomenon. i do not want to project my own feelings about this, but i thought he sounded a bit annoyed. kudos to him for answering her questions even though intermittently, i heard her say "oh, i forgot what i was going to ask you....." fail.

my sis decided to get the "root beer dream" ($3.50) which was root beer syrup over soft (FREAKIN' SOFT. SOFT LIKE A NEWBORN BABY'S BUTT SOFT) shaved ice with vanilla ice cream and condensed milk. she didn't think it tasted root beerish enough and everything overall tasted too sweet. when i took a bite, i concurred. too sweet!

i ordered "monkey brains" ($3.50) which was strawberry and banana syrup over soft shaved ice with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and condensed milk. this one tasted A LOT better though STILL way too sweet. once it was mixed with the vanilla ice-cream, the sweetness diluted a bit, but methinks not enough.

they also had a mysterious brown bottle of powder at their counter. i did not know that cocaine went well with shaved ice. after some inquiry, i found out that "LHM" stood for "Li Hing Mui" which in chinese means "white people you're not going to like this."

it has a very distinctive sour preserved plum taste to it like japanese umeboshi so unless you like those taste profiles, i strongly suggest you don't do it. perhaps you can squeeze some on your palm and give it a lick before you dump it on your shaved ice like i did. *squeeze* actually, i love umeboshi so i enjoyed the sourness on this mountain of sweetness. not the greatest combo ever, but the sweetness needed to be cut with ninja swiftness and LHM was called upon to do the trick.

i'm definitely impressed by how finely shaved the ice was, but in general, the sweetness of these syrups just KILLS ME. ack! i don't plan to follow "get shaved" on twitter nor will i patronize it again. but if you like sweet shaved ice and have gone to hawai'i recently, then perhaps this will bring back fond memories of coconut bras and tropical island nights. i've read that their shaved ice is as close as you can get to the real deal back on the big island. anyways, aloha food fans.

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  1. lhm on tomatoes = yum
    and i didn't know cocaine came in brown
    what a wide-ranging life experience you have amy :P

  2. Sev and I were just talking about how we needed to try the shave ice. it looks GOOD! anything with condensed milk is yummy!

  3. sinhner- scarface influences...what can i say? which corner dealer are you getting your LHM from?

    monosodium glutamate- you and sevan should be in hawai'i right now! you guys need a break!

    chinese man- it's called manscaping.


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