Wednesday, October 14, 2009

jessica is iron chef!

Jessica Koslow (Guest Chef)
3219 Glendale Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90039
(323) 666-7133

price: $$$
verdict: omg, i love it!

once in a while, you discover someone you know who can cook fantabulously and all you can do after that is camp by their door, hoping that you will get invited over for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, dessert...heck, all of it!

hey jessica! i know you! now i know you can cook! let me in *knock, knock, knock.* *crickets*

jessica koslow, fellow silverlaker and blogger (of was the guest chef at canele last night.

her tasting menu was outright delicious and thoughtful, utilizing locally sourced produce and meat. if pictures are worth a thousand words, then allow me to communicate to you my feelings about what i ate last night through my pics.

first course, cavolo nero salad with preserved meyer lemons and fingerling potatoes. the sourness of the preserved lemon dressing reminded me of my grandma and her jars of pickled lemons. delicious, tangy, tart taste but with a good punch to the tastebuds.


the second course was handmade poppy seed pappardelle with braised lamb and wild mushrooms in porter ragu. the pappardelle was delightful and oh so addicting! i had fleeting thoughts of a poppy seed pappardelle ribbon that kept going on forever like the yellow brick road except that at the end of this pappardelle ribbon is my big ole mouth and not a con artist of a wizard. the lamb was oh so so tender too. delicious.


the last course, the dessert, made my belly stretch like no other! a valrhona 66% caribe torino with homemade vanilla bean ice cream and pumpkin seed brittle. holy crap i should have worn a skirt and not my pants. the jeans is going to get tight after this one!

still working on it girl, still working on it. decadent chocolate with delicate vanilla ice cream. and that brittle, man it blew my mind. i loved it and i was told by our server that i got "extra" brittle in mine. woot woot! my dining partner looked at me with jealous eyes....and did i share the extra brittle? NOPE. thanks jessica!

done. pulverized. ready to roll home.

jessica did a great job with her tasting menu and canele is a sweet little space to enjoy good food. *sigh as i rub my belly*


  1. Mmm, that does look yummy. You must have one happy belly.

  2. I totally agree! Jess' menu at Canele was fan-bloody-tastic. I wanna be a poppy seed noodle ribbon dancer! Okay, I'm getting a little carried away.

  3. I heart you!!!!!! YAY for the kind words... :)

    Since we live only seconds away from each other, can we do a potluck?! I'm bringing over Preserved Lemons that you can HAVE!

  4. man that looks soooo good. damn i love pappardelle. i missed out!

  5. afro- tis tasty indeed. my belly was beyond happy.

    gastronomer- i will join your poppy seed pappardelle ribbon dance. perhaps we can perfect it for the summer olympics.

    jessica- you're so awesome!!! if you don't mind a chaotic house with a dog that needs to be potty trained, WELCOME! girl, you need to give me some cooking lessons...and that brittle...damn, it was crazy good. good job!

    yjs- you were there in spirit :)

  6. gdamn you DESTROYED that menu. weird. didn't see you.

  7. chinese soul- don't mess with this belly i tell yah...

    we ate between 7:15-8:15. if you came later, then we were outie.

  8. "ready to roll home"
    i loled
    pic in head: you rolling a la violet(veruca?) in charlie and the choc factory

    and i always read acfromdc as "afro emcee"

  9. i tell yah sinher, veruca salt was a ball. i am almost there but not quite...

    but we both agreed on afro right?! see alex, your're afro!


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