Thursday, March 4, 2010

diamond bakery for baked goods on the go

i need baked goods like a mole needs a long ass hair growing out of it. ugh, carbs be my poison and i find myself intoxicated with a carb high every time i wander through the sgv. depending on my gps, i typically find myself at diamond bakery. no ooohs and ahhs here, but it will do its job in padding your ass with some unforgiving fat.

most things are individually packaged which makes eating on the go that much easier. so rather than stuffing face with pathetic stale crackers during my break times, i can instead, stuff face with things 3x as fattening and 5x as filling like all these baked goods that you find here.

my beloved "triple nipples." these hawaiian sweet bread-like buns are sealed together but can be easily pulled apart to reveal three different types of filling in each bun; custard, taro, and red bean. three for one packages like razor blades, bar soaps, and sweet dessert buns rock my world.

the pineapple bun. there's a flakey crust to the top and a coconutty filling inside. it's a bit heavy but tasty.

coffee cake. nothing spectacular but it will cure a sweet tooth even though it's not too sweet which is why i like it.

curry meat pie. too much flakey crust. one bite will land a lot of crust on your shirt. one really big bite might actually get you some meat that's in the middle. unless you enjoy a lot of crust and not enough filling, this is not a product worth getting.

shredded meat bun. there's this lardlike shlack that goes on top and the middle of the bun and the shredded dried meat sticks to it. diamond bakery probably has one of the worst renditions of this bun because of the lard they use. seriously, it's nasty. here's the bun, looking like a bald head with new curly hair growth and pimples to boot.

so in general, i find this bakery to be a good place to pick up the triple nipples, the coffee cake, and the pineapple bun when i have a sweet tooth. although there's a plethora of other things to try here, i usually limit myself to those three aforementioned items because everything else is just aight or has technical fruits that aren't always the freshest when topped on their tarts. besides, i need extra carbs like a fat man needs a speedo. enough said!

Diamond Bakery
744 W Garvey Ave
Monterey Park, CA 91754
(626) 289-5172

price: $
verdict: it's aight
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Diamond Bakery in Los Angeles


  1. haha! that's my hood! I also like the new Kiki's a LOT.

    Diamond is where I go for the thick cut toasts for my Taiwanese brick toast. Good times.

  2. I think everybody needs baked goods. I don't want to meet the man (or woman) who doesn't need baked goods. I imagine that person would be very sad.

    And very skinny.

  3. i know what you mean by the lard on the pork floss bun. Try heating it in the toaster oven and you'll see the grease. Although.. it's still yummy and i'd still eat it

  4. chinese man- i remember your brick toast post...i may have to try it.

    diana- i agree! carb lovas unite!

    stuffy cheaky- where do you go for your pork floss buns?

  5. I think this place unleashed my dormant Asian baked good demon because I had to feed a mean red bean craving later that weekend (I usually eat red bean stuff like once a year if that!).

  6. marie- did ya likey the triple nipples? i need to try more korean desserts. any suggestions?

    friend- thanks for stopping by!

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