Thursday, March 25, 2010

a tofu burn at bcd

i sometimes reject eateries because of bad parking. sometimes, i might even lie to my friends and tell them that i have plans already just so i don't have to meet them somewhere that doesn't have parking. i know, i suck. it also works the other way for me as well. i may go to an eatery that i might have otherwise ignored JUST BECAUSE of their ample parking. bcd tofu house is such a place.

first off, bcd is suppose to be open 24 hours but dinner time is when it's the most crowded. masses of people awaiting their feed was a great opportunity for me to people watch. i saw some interesting outfits as well as witnessed the awkward exchange that got these two couples stuck at the same table even though they didn't want to....i believe the couple on the right was on their first date, too....

so after staring at them for a few minutes like a pervert, i finally concentrated on the banchan and noticed a whole fried fish. it was a bit soft and clearly sat around far too long which made it less than pleasant in my mouth. everything else in the banchan was standard fare.

a quick look at the menu got me the regular tofu/galbi combo. even though i ordered a "mild" tofu soup, it was still damn spicy! man! heat in, heat out. i also thought it was rather salty and not tasty enough to warrant the sodium overload or the senseless burn.

the other half of my tofu combo, the galbi, was just as meh. i found the meat rather tough and felt like charlie gnawing on his rawhide bone. but i guess people come here for the tofu and not their tough meat.

a quick visit to the restroom lead to the discovery of this mouth rinse dispenser, another oddity at this restaurant with ample parking. i did not see any cups though and i'm not sure if i would even trust it.

the meal quickly ended and i left with a belly full of spicy tofu and chewy meat. although i found a spot for my car, bcd tofu house food did not hit the spot for me. next time, i guess the better plan is to hunt for good food and not for good parking.

BCD Tofu House
3575 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90010
(213) 382-6677

price: $$
verdict: it's aight
BCD Tofu House on Urbanspoon
BCD Tofu House in Los Angeles


  1. I like BCD. It is reliable, fast, inexpensive, slightly-better-than-mediocre food. We usually go to the one on Western. :)

  2. my sis and her friends love this place. perhaps the western location is slightly better? so what do you get there?


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