Monday, March 15, 2010

madame chocolat satiates my sweet tooth

i really love chocolates. that's practically my answer to everything. having a bad day? here, eat some chocolates. having pms? here, eat some chocolates. going into cardiac arrest and feeling like hell? here, eat some chocolates. if alcohol is the answer to some people's prayers, then chocolates would be mine, i kid you not.

so imagine my excitement when i was invited to madame chocolat in beverly hills for chocolate week. woot! you mean i get to eat chocolate...and a lot of it....and even more on top of that....if.i.want?


so off i went with my little sis in tow ready to taste some chocolates. after scoring parking right down the street, this little pretty chocolate shop met my eyes. wow! so dang cute. the interior was brightly lit with tons of easter decorations, both edible and otherwise.

the chocolate easter bunnies were pretty ginormous. i had fun photographing them......

until this one gave me the stink eye so i backed off. scary right?

oh cute! chinese pig! wouldn't mind taking a bite out of those ears.....

whut?! it's ok to eat dogs in america?!

and of course, tons, and tons of artisanal chocolates, hand dipped and hand crafted by hasty torres, the madame behind this boutique of chocolates. what a cutie! here she is, holding a chocolate fish which reminds her of her husband jacques torres who lives on a boat during most of his leisure time. awwwww, cute...both seem to be pretty good catches if you ask me.

oh yea baby, this is where the magic happens. talk about resisting the chocolate devil in me! the temptation to dunk my hands in each of those chocolate vats and then licking the streaming chocolate coursing down my hands proved to be pretty tough....

so i turned my attention to these chocolates instead because these i can eat legally AND without making a mess.

my favorite was the "ooh la la!" which has passion fruit ganache in your choice of either milk or dark chocolate. the only thing that stopped me from inhaling them by the fistful was the pinch i felt from my belt as it tightened. DELICIOUS.

the truffle was also rather tasty. the sharp contrast of the cocoa powder dusting made me feel like i licked a sweet, dusty cowboy. i don't know what made me think of that.

the mendiant was a bit hard for my granny teeth.

the inverted cafe chocolate which has expresso infused chocolate ganache. i liked the jolt.

the mademoiselle had a very strong raspberry presence. i believe you fulfill your daily intake of fruits and veggies from taking just one bite.

the citron has a white chocolate ganache blended with lime juice. i'm not normally a fan of white chocolate, but this little bite was rather refreshing. i dug this a lot as well.

the jus d' orange which tasted like an orange creamsicle. again, a fruity chocolate if you so desire. i thought it was tasty, too.

the monsieur which had jonnie walker blue label infused dark chocolate ganache. i thought it was rather mild.

and last but not least, this cute little ladybug called je t'aime which had a very light hint of peanut butter ganache. if you like the full bodied taste of robust roasted peanuts, this probably won't do it for you. if you have peanut allergies, then the light hint of peanut butter might not kill you, but don't believe me ok, i'm not a doctor.

as hasty explained, she was classically trained in french culinary techniques so you won't find bacon, curry, or peppercorn chocolates and the likes here, but you will find a solid variety of delicious chocolate sweets to satisfy that unsatiable sweet tooth you have. so as i walked away with a belly full of belgian chocolates, i thought how nice it would be to stroll around beverly hills with a sugar daddy in tow and drop by madame chocolat for some sweets after a day of luxury shopping. ahhhh tis the life that's not mine.....
Madame Chocolat
212 North Canon Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90209
price: $
verdict: tasty, try it!
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  1. Wow. This place would kill me.


  2. We love love love your post, thank you so much for coming by the shop!

    -Madame Chocolat

  3. I'm so bummed I couldn't go to this! Still in no-desserts Lent mode. Maybe after it's over I'll swing by!

  4. weezermonkey- allergic to chocolates or peanut butter? yummy though!

    madame chocolat- my pleasure!

    diana- you will go nuts after lent mode is over no?

  5. I've seen this place at LEAST a dozen times but never walked in. Or it's more like.. every time I'm there they're closed. Thank god, cuz H would go nuts in this store.

  6. chinese dude, go during daylight hours!


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