Sunday, April 11, 2010

foraging at forage

it's not tough to forage for food in silverlake. just about everywhere you turn, there is a place that will suit your eating needs: raw, sustainable, meaty, sweet, healthy, deadly, alcoholic....this place has a lot of good stuff. LOTS. so no fear for us when we walked charlie around the neighborhood and our stomaches started grumbling. all we had to do was pick a spot that will allow a smelly dog to sit by us.

my sis heard about forage and their pork belly sammich so when she uttered ppooooooork beeeeeeeeellly, i was immediately sold. holy crap pork belly done well is freakin' awesome and i want something freakin' awesome in my piehole.

as you enter forage, you are 1) met with tons of patrons on a saturday afternoon and 2) 80% of the folks ordering the p belly sammich. i joined that 80% and awaited my turn to get impressed.

the daily quiche also seemed pretty popular and so were the ample vegetarian sides.

while we waited for the orders to come to us, charlie sniffed a few drive by butts. man there's a lot of 4 legged animals roaming about. i love it!

my friend ordered a medium sized jidori chicken which came with a piece of dark meat and a piece of chicken breast ($12) with a medium side of fingerling potato salad with arugula pesto and pine nuts ($6.75). though the chicken was moist and flavorful and the skin was crackly, it was nothing special. my friend was a bit disappointed and eyeballed my pork belly sammich the whole time until i decided to share.

and here, my friends, is the pork belly sammich ($9.50) with slices of pork belly, cabbage, fennel, tomato, and a green garlic aioli in a crusty baguette. i opted to change my side of soup for a side of farro, sugar snap peas, snow peas, and english peas for an extra charge ($1.50).

man this sammich was rather fantastic. the bread was crusty and buttery. the pork belly slices had a good char to it and the viscous nature of its fat was tamed by the tart cabbage and fennel slaw that went on top of it. this combination allowed my lucky piehole to enjoy the amalgam of rich savory pork belly flavors without a mouthful of grease. DELICIOUS. i'm so glad my sis and i followed the other 80% of their customers and ordered this. the farro side also added a nice minty ruffage to my meal.

it was indeed a delicious lunch at:

3823 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026
(323) 663-6885

price: $$
verdict: omg, i love it!
Forage on Urbanspoon
Forage Restaurant in Los Angeles


  1. Pork belly sammy! I want freakin' awesome in my tummy too!

  2. afro- yep, go get that sammie and blog about it! why don't you blog anymore?! i check all the time like hachiko the japanese dog waiting....just waiting :( i know you've eaten since your last post in february. don't lie.

  3. $10 sandwich makes me cry. Seriously. Ouch. Funny thing? Nothing about that sandwich was foraged. I hope everyone notes the irony. Think it's time to visit with the dog! So cute! Love doggy places!

  4. You be treatin' your pie hole real good, Amy! Pork belly is borderline played out, but man, I still gots love for it.

  5. chinese man- you cry too easily. the $10 was well spent :)...and foraging actually makes me think of dumpster diving in our urban environment.

    cathy- pork belly will always be a love cuz i think of my grandma and her pork belly stew. then i think of my humungous thigh and i then think maybe i should find another love....

    helen- yay, i admire women that aren't afraid of globs of fat! you rock!

  6. Hmm.. what's my excuse? I keep forgetting my camera? I have terrible jetlag? Yeah.. my belly is full but not the blog. My apologies, it shall be remedied.


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