Friday, April 2, 2010

so cheap it's good at the tibet nepal house

you have to admit that $10 won't get you much to eat these days, and if it does, then you're probably visiting the golden arches WAY too many times. ok fine, you might be able to find some hole in the wall places in the sgv that serves up some delicious grub, BUT can you get a light buzz on top of those cheap eats?! oh friends, i've got the place for you!

my friend had her annual birthday brunch at tibet nepal house in pasadena. when i found out it was their $9.99 "champagne brunch" which means unlimited cheap champagne AND nepalese foods, i immediately clicked "yes." i just don't say no to that kind of stuff....

since the birthday girl went early, she nabbed a good, spacious area for us to sit. the ambience was rather chill and i loved the big cutout footprints that adorned the ceiling. as a big buddha statue watched your every move, you can have a sip of their cheap champagne and get a refill or two if you want. nice!

cheap champagne x 2.

the buffet was rather limited but you still get an array of eats to choose from. on my plate, i managed to nab myself a piece of tadoori-esque chicken, some mushrooms and peas curry, green beans, and a potato curry (i appreciated the number of vegetarian options available even though i eat dead animals on a daily basis). i also got myself a little bowl of their lentil soup which was rather salty. overall, i thought nepalese food tasted very similar to indian food, but the spice level is way low, if any. i would have gone back for a second helping of everything, but a bus dropped off a LOAD of folks from i don't know where and the buffet was cleaned out in seconds. this is what egypt must have looked like after the locusts swept through.

i managed to nab myself a bowl of their rice pudding which was delicate with strong cinnamon notes. the birthday girl liked this A LOT as well and might have had as many helpings as i had champagne.

so a happy birthday girl, a plate of good food, and THREE glasses of champagne later and methinks the $9.99 was well spent here. please don't come here thinking you'll get AMAZING food though, cuz after all folks, it's only $9.99. for me, it's good enough and a few drinks later, it was pretty rad.

Tibet Nepal House
36 E Holly St
Pasadena, CA 91103
(626) 585-0955

price: $$
verdict: tasty, try it!
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Tibet Nepal House in Los Angeles


  1. that's what i said too when i found out :0

  2. Dude, that champagne looks like sparkling water! Still, it's hard to argue with $10 + booze! Damn good deal.

  3. What a steal. Darn, I'm gonna have to cab it back after all that champagne.

  4. gastronomer- that sparkling water will give you a good buzz after a few glasses :)

    stuffycheaks- i had a designated driver that day...whoo hoo!


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