Sunday, April 18, 2010

x-rated eatings at mario's italian deli and market

i've never understood the allure of a "bad boy." what's there to like about rude dudes that make you worry and feel disrespected all the time? i've known friends that ONLY date bad boys, but the end was always the same...lots of tears and therapy sessions at a bar. good thing i like my guys straight-laced and nice...that is, until i met mario.

i was first swept off my feet by mario's sausages. they are thick and spicy, just the way i like it. if you love a good sausage, then believe you me, mario's sausages are quite the mouthful and will leave you clamoring for more, and clamor you will, i guarantee it.

then i went back because i discovered his other offerings (click on the pic if the small print fails ya).

i already knew he had a good sausage, but i discovered he was a "bad boy" as well. although it was against my nature to even associate with one, the honey maple turkey and avacado description seemed too entincing to deny. against my better judgement i ordered one and took a bite.....

the bad boy sammich came to me so very thick and glorious.

an awakening occured within me when i wrapped my mouth around that toothsome sammich. the only noise i made was "omfg!" did the heavens sing?! YES! better yet, was it orgasmic?! HELLS YES! the symphony of flavors that stormed on my tongue swept through a heavenly spectrum of sweet, savory, and tarty flavor profiles. each component of the bad boy sammich was critical for an absolutely heavenly explosion in my mouth. omg, i love you, you bad, bad, bad boy!

there are most certainly many other things to try at mario's, being a delicious deli and whatnot.

BUT when i'm there, i only have a one tracked mind because even though i never thought i would want a bad boy, it was only after meeting mario that i discovered that that’s all i ever need OR want….

Mario's Italian Deli & Market
740 E Broadway
Glendale, CA 91205
(818) 242-4114

price: $
verdict: omg, i love it!
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Mario's Italian Deli & Market in Los Angeles


  1. Oh, man, the picture of you holding two sausages....

  2. haha! then i'm glad i didn't put up the one of me holding THREE sausages....

  3. I have had that sandwich before! It's definitely one bad boy.

  4. I was trying to decide what to have for dinner tonight, but I couldn't get the image of you holding two sausages out of my mind. I went to Wurstkuche and got me some meat in a tube.

  5. haha afro! just the kind of brain washing i wanted!

  6. I usually like straight laced boys too, but this bad boy sounds f*cking great! Glendale ain't too far. I will need to go git one!

  7. fawk! glendale is so far for me!!! ughhhh

    actually.. i have a laser appt out there soon.... i should hit this place up.. that sandwich looks effin' mouthwatering!!

  8. cathy- a bad boy once in a while to cleanse the palate ain't a bad thing ;)

    helen- you know you like them bad boys...go out and take a big bite!

  9. After that title, I was hoping for a pix of them sausages being held by something else. Like.. feet!

    Just kidding? Food fetish is NASTY.

  10. My goodness you my fellow foodie are hilarious!See, this is what I get for being behind this week on blogs! I was in Pasadena yesterday & coulda easily hopped over to Glendale & tried some bad boy goods! Maybe next time when I see my fam I'll give this place a try. It reminds me of Mickey's Deli in Hermosa Beach so it must be good!

  11. chinese man- food fetish? nooooooooooo. the last thing my arse needs is a food fetish. and feet are gross!

    bianca- yes, do check it out when you get a chance. it's so big you can share with your husband...that is, if you actually want to share such a delicious sammich.


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