Sunday, June 13, 2010

the belly family expands

i need another dog like i need another hole in my head...but i couldn't help myself and i think charlie needs a sibling so he won't always feel alone. when the opportunity arose to give this little pup a home, i cautiously volunteered my own wee house even though i was rather nervous about the whole thing. come on now, having another dog means 2x the food and 2x the doo. ack. i just hope she grows up to love charlie as much as we do and that in itself will make this cute responsibility worth it.

her name is lucy. she is a labrador retriever mix...a gorgeous little mutt if you will.

she is extremely adorable and smells rather good after a sudsy bath...though her breath smells like hell regardless of what you do to her mouth.

she also likes to snack like her momma. i think she will have a happy life with us. man, dogs x 2...what am i in for?!

by the way, doesn't the marking on her face look like an outstretched bird in flight? cute!


  1. She is so darling! I think you made the right decision! :)

  2. omgggg sooooooo cute!!!! my heart just melted... i want a puppy!!

  3. OMG, cute overload!!!

    (I also love that she is lying next to a bag of Calbee shrimp chips!)

  4. marie- i tell myself that all the time when i'm wiping up pee and picking up doo.

    helen- i can rent her out to you :)

    pam- haha, she is super cute! and i love the fact that she knows how to pick her snacks.

  5. Lucy is so friggin' cute!! Bring her to the bake sale? Pretty please?

  6. unfortunately, not this time cathy. besides, her breath reeks! it is not a good smell for a bake sale :)

  7. Ahhhhhhh adorable! What a cutie :)

  8. misty- she is pretty cute!! thank god cuz she doos A LOT.


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