Thursday, June 10, 2010

o bar and kitchen for happy hora

o bar and kitchen is nestled in the o hotel and resembles a high school hallway but swankier. yes, it's literally that small and tight. you may not see locker doors banging off the walls or teenagers necking in the corner, but you will definitely conjure up images of some kind of HALLWAY.

they have happy hora from 4-7 p.m. daily and serve $4 bites and $4 beer and wine amongst other things. the hh menu was rather limited so don't expect to have a feast for your tongue. DO, however, expect a fair amount of greasy eats and carb filled snackies that will match these rather affordable price points. but if you're not here just for the food, then it's a good place to chillax with a wine glass in hand as you commence your work related bitchings.

my friend and i started off with the ghetto fabulous fried dill pickles with buttermilk ranch. i'm not sure why i expected it to taste good and consequently persuaded her to order them because when i saw it on the menu, i felt we NEEDED them. even though i stand by the "everything-tastes-better-when-fried' rule of thumb, alas, they tasted like regular ole pickles...but er, fried. nothing special here folks.

we also ordered the mozzarella roasted tomato and basil pesto mini flatbread. tasty, but nothing special here either. the toppings were a bit sparse and the mini flatbread was rather mini so order more if you want this carb load to soak up the alcohol in your belly.

we also ordered the chili lime wings which i thought were a bit too tangy and limey. though a great way to pucker up your face, it wasn't the best item to eat unless you want to pucker up your tongue as well. it was also uber salty.

and sweet potato fries off the regular menu. crispy, sweet, thin...just the way i like them. i could have eaten this all night long. yum!

overall, the o bar was a nice place to chillax for happy hora, but the lack of variety on the hh menu limits its appeal to me.

O Bar and Kitchen
819 S Flower St
Los Angeles, CA 90017
(213) 623-9904

price: $$
verdict: it's aight
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  1. But the non-happy hour food is so good!

  2. sounds like the regular menu is the way to go weezermonkey. thanks for the heads up.


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