Friday, June 4, 2010

spot coffee not the right spot for tranquility

you know you're old when:

5) you sleep before 10 p.m.
4) you go out only once or twice a week because you need to "rest" in between
3) you prefer happy hours for socializing rather than bars
2) you get excited when you're asked for your photo i.d. to prove that you can legally drink
1) you fart dust...and lots of it....

i KNOW i'm old because when i went to spot coffee in koreatown to do some work with my coworkers, all the inner and outer complaints that i made about this place made me sound like a granny.

me: omg, i can't hear you! what?! the music is too loud!
(loud music playing in the background)

me: i hate smoke...i can't breathe *covers nose then stares at young korean girls with my slitty old woman eyes*

spot coffee is not a typical coffee shop at all! it's more like a mini club/vegas trip/bar without a liquor license kind of coffee place. and smoking...ugh smoking. i thought smoking was out? what up G? any thoughts of a tranquil space in which you can sip some freshly brewed coffee while studying or discussing work matters will be immediately shattered when a snoop dogg song comes on...and quite loudly too i might add...enough decibels to blow out your hearing aid. it sure blew mine out.

not only will spot coffee offend your nose and your ears if you're an old fogey like me, as far as ambiance was concern, this little drink shop tried pretty darn hard to be modern and hip. astroturf walls, white couches to sink thy booty in, twinkly white christmas lights, and wood panel accents created a smorgasbord of "i-think-it-might-be-cool" elements that didn't quite work. perhaps one or two less items and some nice mood music would have transformed this coffee shop into a cool little haven for some tranquil coffee drinking and studying. perhaps.

and the drinks were on the pricier side, averaging $6.50-$8. i got myself their lychee slush with boba. it tasted a-ok, nothing special but refreshing nevertheless as my body dried out from the presence of smoke.

we finally left spot coffee with the smell of cigarette smoke clinging to our hair. but even with all the noise and distractions, we were 100% productive with our work...take that snoop dogg! since i'm not a young whippersnapper anymore, this kind of coffee shop will not call me back, but for all you young 'uns out there, perhaps you likey?

Spot Coffee
3324 W. 6th
Ste C
Los Angeles, CA 90020
(213) 380-7200

price: $
verdict: it's aight


  1. I hate smoke. HATE HATE HATE. I don't think it has anything to do with being old!

  2. good point weezermonkey. second hand smoke kills :*(


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