Monday, August 9, 2010

bloody hens and mousse balls at payard patisserie and bistro

having decided that i was going to overstimulate the economy by shopping while in las vegas, the rest of the eats were relegated to prix fixe menus or affordable bites that did not involve the golden arches if possible. yes, when a girl has a plan, she sticks to it!

having heard about payard patisserie desserts from a candy blog that i frequent, i was pretty determined to go there for a chocolate overdose until i found out they also had a prix fixe lunch menu. the plan then changed to belly ruptures THEN chocolate overdose.

payard is located in ceasars palace and has two parts. the pastry section which you can pick up sweets or a sammich or two and a sit in dining area. the dining area is rather intimate and the chefs cook in the middle.

the prix fixe menu was priced at $21 for an appetizer (two options), entree (two options), and a dessert (gazillion options). since i had a partner in crime to eat it with, we decided on the strategic move of ordering one of each.

the tomato mozzarella salad. tart dressing and super fresh tasting ingredients. great way to begin the meal.

shrimp romesco. sauteed shrimp with garlic, chili flakes, and olive oil. there was a superb kick to the shrimp and i wished those two shrimps had procreated right there on the slice of bread so i can eat their babies. yummy.

mediterranean sea bass. pan seared sea bass with ratatouille sitting in a pool of oven roasted tomato vinaigrette. i thought the sea bass was salty...good thing it wasn't my pick :)

roasted poussin. oven roasted cornish game hen with truffle leek pan jus and a hockey puck sized crispy mash patotoes. this dish had good flavors, but the bird was a bit too bloody for my tastes. when i sent it back to the chef, she made a comment that "it's suppose to be like that" and popped it in the oven until the bird turned black before it was brought out to me again. ugh. i've been raised not to eat a bloody bird and cancerous burnt bits so i left this dish pretty much intact. such deflation.

the dessert round started with payard's banana tart which is banana and vanilla cream spiked with rum on a sweet tart shell.

and MY dessert, the louvre. that's french for "fat ball of chocolate and hazelnut mousse that will make you weep." yes, it was that good. creamy, luscious, and heavy, it is meant to be shared but my friend was already unconscious from the tart so i single-handedly ate half of it....done. *burp*

i would come back again for their sweets, but probably not again for their savory items. the nasaly comment made by the young chef still twangs in my ears. but for what it's worth and if you're on an..ahem, shopping budget, it's aight.

Payard Patisserie and Bistro
Ceasar's Palace
3570 Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89136
(702) 731-7292
price: $$
verdict: it's aight but the desserts were delicious!
Payard P√Ętisserie & Bistro (Caesar's Palace) on Urbanspoon


  1. Ewww... I would not be excited about getting a bloody bird either! That's food poisoning waiting to happen!

    Glad the desserts at least knocked your socks off!

  2. I loved my brunch there! Sorry your meal wasn't awesome. :(

  3. I wouldn't eat a bloody bird either... wth.. What did she want you to do? Eat it and get sick?!

    Next time, just do a dessert tasting.. yummmmm

  4. diana- seriously. down with food poisoning!

    helen- you're right, i should have stuck with the dessert plan. *shakes head*

  5. OMG, that is one massive mousse. Id eat the whole thing myself as well, including that crispy piroutte on top. yum

  6. stuffy- that's cuz you burn calories like crazy i bet. one mousse bomb for me equals one extra ass dimple. nasty.


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