Monday, August 16, 2010

a froyo high at blanc haute yogurt

not too long ago, i tasted froyo sophistication. this experience did not require me to stand in a long line to squirt my own froyo in my self-selected medium sized paper cup, nor did it require me to ask my server to give me an extra squeeze of their watermelon puree during froyo happy hour time. it did, however, require me to look up the word "haute" because i did not know how to pronounce it. yes friends, do not laugh, but in my world, the letter "h" is rarely silent.

after conquering the task of learning the correct pronunciation for "haute," i was off to the haute-est place in town for some classy yogurt eating. thanks blanc haute yogurt for gifting me a froyo tasting AND a new word to overuse in my not so haute vocabulary bank.

anyways, this dapper looking gentleman is leo leonard, founder and owner of blanc haute yogurt a.k.a. organic deliciousness in beverly hills. his mission to provide organic frozen yogurt free of high-fructose corn syrup with the decadent options of exotic toppings makes his froyo boutique a must-try for all you haute folks out there.

i also appreciated the nutrition info available as i made my choice amongst all the decadent, organic flavors offered in his little shop. yummmmm....what to choose, what to choose. what would you choose?

and the toppings. oui oui! the decadent imported haute chocolate toppings will make your lips quiver with anticipation. it sure made mine quiver as i whispered the words "chocolate truffles leo...don't forget the chocolate truffles...."

after some hemming, hawing, and haute-ing, i decided on the organic madagascar vanilla froyo with chocolate truffles, chocolate pearls, and chocolate coconut toppings. i waited patiently as leo assembled this frozen masterpiece for my belly.

normally, i can heif down quite a large serving of froyo, but a petite cup was enough this time around. it was a truly decadent full bodied yogurt maxing out on the creamy and dreamy parts of a dessert daydream. if there was a blanc haute yogurt club, i would totally join it just to taste these flavors over and over again....

...and because god listens to fat bellies enamored with quality chocolate, my prayers were answered on the spot. now you and i can belong to the haute-est froyo club around.

and if you're haute but your wallet doesn't support your lifestyle, blanc currently has happy hour prices from 4-6pm for their non-organic froyo. here's a list of prices during normal non-happy hours so you can budget accordingly.

go and get it, you know you want some. and while you're at it, can you please bring me back a petite serving of the madagascar vanilla? thanks! and don't forget the chocolate truffles...pretty please???

Blanc Haute Yogurt
9465 Charleville Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
(310) 283-2611

price: $
verdict: tasty, try it!
Blanc Haute Yogurt on Urbanspoon


  1. wow, they don't skimp on the toppings, agree on the available nutritional info, it makes my decision easier

  2. Chocolate truffles? WOW! So bummed I missed this event!

  3. stuffy- haha, but i rarely follow nutrition info charts....they just further my guilt as i choose badly.

    sharon- don't forget haute as well.

    diana- you were legitimately busy. i dig this should def check it out when you get the opp.

  4. yummmmmmmmmm!! i've been on a yogurt binge lately... i MUST try this place!

  5. I bet you had a very sweet fro-yo! I usually get a cup of chocolate mousse along with a few toppings, cutting down on my candies and chocolates toppings. It's better to enjoy every cup of yogurt and know that it's good for your health. :)


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